Anonymous Oct 4, 2011 at 2:29 pm


Get a spine and call the cops when you witness domestic violence. What kind of worthless, passive-aggressive pussy are you?

Oh, right. We're in Portland. Sorry, I forgot. Carry on with your bullshit, pansy-ass ways.
Don't tell me, tell Chief Slapahoe!
Is this the same blue camper thats always parked at Walgreens on 39th & Belmont? And Steve R- Isnt it HER responsibility to call the cops?
maybe it was just a food cart you know, and it was moving because it`s like the infamous bike-a-pint-of-beer, and while they were flipping hamburgers you THOUGHT you SAW some one stalking, sorry, I mean Hittin`on a woman, You really dont want to call on the cops for what u mistakenly saw as flipping burgers in a intersection do ya?
Another punk-ass bitch claiming to do some sort of bodily harm to someone else, via IA. It's getting real old now.
Yeah DamosA, real old.
NEVER HIT A WOMEN! (especially when she's driving!)
Shame on you for sitting by while something so terrible happens. Shame on you for doing nothing to protect someone who can't protect themselves. Shame on you for not calling the police to put this son of a bitch on the record. You are just as bad as the fucker who was hitting her...
Dear racist piece of shit,
Your title is intended to be cleaver, but it implies that Native Americans are abusive towards women.
Think about what you say.
#9- A woman is getting beat up and your issue is the writers' ill-conceived title? Oh, and the native people in this country prefer to be referred to by tribe name, not Native Americans. Who would want to named after their conquerors?
RE, ignore iceprez. I've already outed him/her as a racist.
I was wondering what the Methabago's been up to. (Serious ... this has IFC movie written all over it.)
Why am I a racist? I didnt call anyone Cheif Slapahoe. In fact, im pretty sure that the family that lives in the blue camper ( if it is in fact the same one I,A is talking about) are white. They do their laundry at the same place as me on 48th and Belmont.
IFC movies on DVD have far too many previews
My satellite receiver is broken for now, and I cant get IFC or any other channel to keep up, but the Methabagos skits can make it over there and boldly where no Methabago has gone before. Just not over here.

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