So, you would be referring to the blogtown meetup? Ok...
Also, i don't think that Damosa would be able to attend. He has requested that waaaay too many people "say it to mah face". And that would not be a good scene, ya know?
Blogtown Meetups happen. They're rarer than they should be. Mostly because I show up and smell bad and order weird drinks. But that's okay. I get to corner people and have pointless, meandering conversations with them.
That sounds pretty awesome :)
Anonie: oh, ain't you clever...
Shut up, pussy.
Hey, i'd totally be down. Only thing is, whereas i'm actually a pretty cool and laid-back person and easily half the stuff i say here is done in a facetious and satirical manner - i'm afraid most of you may actually be assholes in real life. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.
@ Damosa ~ One of the strangest things about myself & the Internet, that i have discovered, is we can become the best & the worst of ourselves. We are free to be as ugly as we can, for we are not held accountable. i learned this lesson years ago, & it freaked me out. i found myself acting in a very cruel & judgmental way towards someone i had never met. Turned out, it actually hurt her.
It's a strange world that we are existing in. And it is so easy to forget that there is another living human with actual feelings on the receiving end of our words. To mock, to (virtual) scream, to dehumanize our own voice, as well as those we are responding to.

i doubt that anyone here would be an actual dick to another in RL. And, Damosa, you should go & prove that you aren't how you come across on here. Political & opinionated ? Yes! But, challenging everyone who disagrees with you to a fight? No. i've talked to you, & that is not who you are.
So, why not go to a blogtown meet up?
Shut up, Faustino!

Oh, wait... i didn't mean it. Sorry.
@CLIFTON BROOKS: "i'm actually a pretty cool and laid-back person" IS THAT WHY YOU PUNCHED OUT A RESTAURANT'S WINDOW?
Clifton, when your 3erd dictator Avatar is finished what other Dictator will you choose? There aren't many left alive, be careful not to hit too close home.
Well one thing is for sure - my rather MILD obnoxiousness here earned my quite the fan base. I can count on the same 3 -4 people following up something i say, regardless of how neutral it may be.

Also, i find it rather funny how total strangers still obsess over something that happened four years ago, that they only even are aware of b/c they read about it in the Merc. Clearly, someone of you folks really do need to get a life (of your own).

Another thing, when i challenge [some of you people] to meet me in public so that they can have the opportunity to call me those names right to my face - i sincerely mean it. Since EVERYONE here apparently knows me by several names, knows what i look like, has apparently spoken to me before (though i sure don't remember) lurks my facebook, stalks me on IndyMedia, and watched me at Occupy events, the ball is in YOUR court to meet me - not the other way around. No, i can't meet YOU at a park somewhere b/c i go to school f/t. No, i won't "name a time/place" b/c i'm actually pretty busy most times. You come see ME. And no, calling me a pussy from the safety of a speeding car does not count.

But IA's suggestion sounds fine, too. Someone set up a get-together (i'll go most places but NOT Dug Fir!), promote it here, and i'll attend.
Oh god the horrid stench and noise that would come from the poor venue/bar that was forced (even with the promise of you smelly introverts spending countless dollars on whatever drinks weird cave dwelling mentally ill Portlanders drink). I will be sure to be on the opposite side of the town on that evening. Also, no I won't register an account for fear of being associated with you fools.
not at dug fir, how funny.

cliffy, mimosa, you dont have a fan following, you are just a pain in the ass, amongst other things.

you are a coward phony, and self-delusional.

appart from that, you're already on borrowed time since long ago because you "cyber stalked & followed" a person here.

you're really not a challenge, just a product of the age were living in, gone really self-deluded and Idiotic. No hint of intelligence in there, just heard behavior.

everything you posted is BS.

What happens is you never encountered peers who would really put you to the test, and when encountered, you just walked away or blocked it out from your head, is what I can surmise from all the crap you have written in this blog since you started making yourself visible. For that, I thank you.
It would be kinda cool to attach real people to these ongoing mini-dramas ... and the potential for violence WOULD be appealing ... so yeah, sounds good. There's gotta be an open bar for it to really work, though.
so, none of liked my idea? I tried. Oh, and Graham...if it numbered more than you and 3 other people it might be relevant. Thats not what I was proposing. Incidentally I don't need anyone, including you to "invite" me to anything. Pretty full of yourself, are'nt you?

It'll be just like the warriors only Cliffy will (unknowingly) have the best costume.
@13, it's not even that I read your stuff anymore. It's just the general ambiance you provide. To (mis)quote Steve Jobs on Dropbox, "you're a feature, not a product."

"Also, no I won't register an account for fear of being associated with you fools." - what ugh said.


So maybe you shouldn't post here at all. Maybe you shouldn't even read here. What are you doing, wasting a moment of your precious time with us "fools"?

"everything you posted is BS." - what Leaky said.


I've admitted MYSELF already that easily half the stuff i post here is bullshit, duh. so, where's your "big revelation", huh? Like i said, get a life.

"... and the potential for violence WOULD be appealing ..." - what Ron said


No. I guarantee you there would be no such thing. Even though i don't know what ANYONE here looks like - i'm going to take a gander that pretty much most of you people are either emaciated or doughy. Pasty, frighteningly White and gets very little sunlight even by Portland standards. Physical presence: underwhelming. Average at best. In other words: nothing to worry about.
Wrong (again).
About what? Be more specific, please.
" emaciated or doughy. Pasty, frighteningly White and gets very little sunlight even"

I have dark skin and am fit. The others? Can't say.
erm, I have a life. I suppose one who prides himself and takes as a task to correct grammar on others posts is in need of a life herself.

Tell my your purpose in life cliffy to really have a laugh please.
well, it took about a dozen comments for this to devolve into a internet tough-guy war...sweet, sweet irony...
Whatever eBag,

I was describing my sexy self.
Look you bunch of pussies and retards, less talk-more action! Jeez.

How about a karaoke meet up? At that strange and out of the way spot Chopsticks 3. Say next Sunday. Not tomorrow; the one after that. January 29.

You will know me by the way I sing Led Zeppelin.
Can you sing Dancing Days?
You can Chung my Wang 
Thats not a Led Zep song)...
Sorry. I thought it was dancehall days. I'll bang my own thang.
I think though still they have the another song called that, so maybe you know, you can still do the other one...
I'd prefer to do any Ventures songs instead.
@20~ why yes, i am white. And Cherokee & Jewish. i have black hair & blue eyes, & very white skin from lack of sun. NOT from the natural lack of sun in our lovely PNW, but from my brain having a different circadian rhythm from most people. My night is your day, etc.
@27~ No can do. Wolves in the Throne Room is monday. One must be clear for the experience. And why would anyone do karaoke? Unless you sound like a braying donkey, it fails to amuse. Ok, 2 cents thrown, yo.
Also, Damosa, you kind of set this situation up yourself. You joined the Mercury world of commenters right after your article. And you haven't hidden your identity from anyone. Couple that with a shit load of inflammatory comments & you get what you have justly received.
i actually kind of admire the fact that you are the only "known" person here, & yet you speak out. i may not agree with many of your opinions, but i do admire your bravado. ( And it took me awhile to get that half of what you said was trolling snark ).
And one of my I,A's was the mother who was writing to thank the stranger who had intervened when her sun was being beaten to death. And other's....Anyways, peace, sir.
"I have dark skin and am fit. The others? Can't say."

Well i said MOST of you people (IA commentors). Maybe you and i are among the few exceptions.

@Kalikill, I wish i could attend Wolves in the Throne Room. But i realized if i went, i wouldn't get back home 'til nearly 2am, and i have class early that next day. Perhaps you'll be attending Dark Funeral next month? The REST of you folks are invited, too.


Kalikill:-Bravado-And it took me awhile to get that half of what you said was trolling snark ).

I know what you mean, but don't believe everything GaddafiA says, she lies most of the time to cover up some other lies she had to cover to hold the position of upstanding citizen of anywhere. All for pristine reputation. So she wasn't trolling snarkling when those snake words came out of her mouth and dipped inside the world wide web.

I'd attend and meet you at Dark Funeral any month, honey. Who else?

Always 3 steps ahead of you. Who's the smartie now.

Who are you, Agent_X! Identify yourself!
How funny gadafiaciantro, yer playing politician soliciting reporters party preference. Identify yourself!!! ha ha ha ha

soooooooo, no karaoke? I wanted to throw in a couple of staple songs. How sad. I was getting ready to sing phonetically all of Marios soundtrack songs.
Yeah, it seems a good idea. But if you're not invited, you can't come. Fair enough.
Thanks for the invite, Damosa, to Dark Funeral, but I am going to have to politely decline. They sucks. Shame you will not be attending Wolves In The Throne Room, tis' going to be awesome.

If you don't mind me asking. Why do you choose to listen to Norwegian Black Metal (i.e Mayhem, Burzum, Dark Throne, etc...)? Considering a lot of the "philosophies" behind the music are about white supremacy, and Nordic culture (a white culture) preservation. Just curious about how that works out for you. I'm NOT racist. I genuinely am curious. Hail Satan ;)
of course you're not racists honey, thats why you use the word Hail so loosely and in a large number of issues.

He who fucks nuns will later join the church.

Which one, I dont know.

Lucidiot, you suck. Kalikill doesn't suck as much, are you two guys related?

-springtime for lucidiot- (I dont think damosa invited you anywhere, yet)
"If you don't mind me asking. Why do you choose to listen to Norwegian Black Metal (i.e Mayhem, Burzum, Dark Throne, etc...)? Considering a lot of the "philosophies" behind the music are about white supremacy, and Nordic culture (a white culture) preservation. Just curious about how that works out for you. I'm NOT racist. I genuinely am curious. Hail Satan ;)"

B/c MOST those bands really aren't racist. And as far as Burzum - well Burzum has basically become this sort of "mythical" entity in-which people find it relatively easy to parse b/t the MUSIC and the guy behind it. Fact is, Burzum has become also mainstream. Plus, i don't actually own any Burzum cds. Nordic culture - that's just an appreciation for [their] own background, which i can appreciate. Same goes for many bands from Mexico, Spain, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, etc. Bottom line is, i listen to SATANIC bands. Any cultural references mean little to me.

Would you now like to ask me why i listen all the other types of music that i do? (btw, If you watched UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US, and forgot for a fleeting second that Varg is a crazy Nazi thug, he sounds just like most other environmentalist, anti-capitalist Maoist radicals. And Dark Funeral does NOT suck! I think you meant to say Abigail Williams. But i'm also going for Inquisition).
Hey, Leaky. I actually used to think that you were mildly amusing. But now you're kind of a dick. I was clearly being facetious in what I wrote. I'm aware Damosa wasn't personally inviting me to anything.

@ Damosa - Yeah, I' well aware of Burzum's and the whole Norwegian Black Metal "scene" is all about. I just wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions on the whole shtick, considering you're an African American individual, and whether you like it or not, a black person within that culture isn't something you see everyday. Which is NOT a bad thing. It's actually kind of refreshing to see other types of people that aren't white trash morons that listen to that kind of music. So props to you, sir.
It's really never been an issue to me. I got into the music i did for (i guess) the same reasons as everyone else.
I dislike both crappy death metal and karaoke, you posters must do better. After all it is MY IA. Not an excuse to engage in your personal internet tough guy wars. I am sure you are truly tough in person (not). Nor do I want to meet in some douche hipster bar for tall boys of pabst. Fail. Oh, and jake...nice attempt at being facetious.
well, one can try.
Why don't you ask one of us, without the condescending, judgmental attitude, and you just might get a kind, honest answer - jake.
Fine- I wouldn't sing with you hopeless retards anyway. You'd probably want to sing lame songs like Love Shack anyway.
Gafafia, you are never kind, or honest, you silly tea pot.
Pork Chop: that one was in my top 5 to sing with everyone (Sing: scream, scream only the chorus, mumble the words of the verses). Semi drunk, on top of a table. but singing all the same.
Gafadia. Shutted.
What's wrong with Doug Fir, DamosA?

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