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"You walk into a New Season, and the guy in the produce department is listening to his ipod and sneering at you because you have a job that pays you enough to shop at New Seasons."

Riiiiiiggggghhhhttt. Talk to me when Whole Foods begins to stock regular baking mix, not just gluten free shit. Until then, they are way too precious for me. And next time you post something like this, I want the picture to back up your hyperbole.
An iPod on while working???A "pinapple"??? I'm pretty sure you are talking about the new Rat-Fuck opening up on N. Williams this late spring.
You must live in SE. Everyone is cranky down there because they're getting out P towned by that unicycle bagpiper. I shop at the Concordia New Seasons. They're super friendly and the store is actually organized in a logical manner...and its considerably cheaper...Sometimes I go to the Whole Foods at Fremont Station, because its closer to my house. Everytime I do, I want to cry. That store is bullshit.
About half the time I've ordered the Hot Wok at New Seasons, they've managed to get my order wrong. The last two times -- at two different locations -- they didn't bother to add any sauce. And I always have to ask for pickled ginger after getting my order, even though I clearly checked the "pickled ginger" box on the order form.

Nonetheless, it's better than getting the pasta special. The pasta special is always terrible (yet still better than the ramen at the Beaverton location, which is godawful).
I like a kick in the nuts better than a knife in the gut.
Could not agree more! My sister works at New Seasons and constantly tries to get me to shop there. After multiple horrible experiences with customer service I have decided to never shop at New Seasons again.

Virtually every worker that I have ever tried to get help from there has been extremely rude to me. I literally had to interrupt a conversation between two employees in the produce section about their drunken sex rampage the night before to see if they carried Honey Crisp apples. One employee rolled her eyes at me and said no (in a super snarky tone) then they both walked away.

I will shop at Whole Foods any day of the week over New Seasons!
You could always slum and go to (god forbid) Fred Meyer, and avoid both of these expensive, stuck-up douche barns.
Yall are just made because some fuckwit hipster got fired for being a douche and having unrealistic expectations about what a no-skill job should provide its workers. Guess what? Life isn't a little league. We don't get ribbons just for participating.
Fred Meyer wins. Also, I was at Winco last night. Employee-owned, affordable, just fiiiine.
Agree with Blabby and Oregometry...its rare that I buy more than an occasional item at either WF or NS. They are both overpriced, but personally I've not had bad experiences. I wouldn't care if an employee ignores me. I just care there is someone to check me out. Honestly, I think Trader Joe's has the best customer service, if they weren't limited and infested with semi retarded yuppies (regardless of location) I would shop there more often
agree with blabby as well... Fred Meyer has good stuff at good prices and just-fine-customer service. (what happened to complaining about over-friendliness at NS in the checkout? went away with Ryan I guess)

but ShowStop-- Trader Joe's is about more than semi-retarded yuppies: it's about terrible produce too

Here's some oversharing: Ms. Colin and I buy organic fruits/vegetables/eggs, a few frozen things, bulk stuff, canned soup and whatever other components of meals we need. That is, we don't use the meat counter or deli counter, and we don't typically grab ready-to-eat food.

We've gone to New Seasons for years, and Whole Foods (Fremont) when super lazy, usually just for this or that. We'd go to Fred Meyer or Target when we needed bulk cleaning supplies, and they're also great for getting cheap frozen stuff. Fred Meyer's particularly good for cheap alcohol. We also thought it was silly to go to New Seasons over Fred Meyer for these needs, and downright decadent to go to Whole Foods, ever.

Here's the thing: for our groceries, Fred Meyer clocks in about 10$ cheaper on average, per trip (1x/wk). Whole Foods actually clocks in just BELOW New Seasons, about $5 cheaper per weekly visit. (I think it's because the lack of selection at WF means we'll go without one or two items per visit.)

New Seasons has WF beat on selection, but WF is always less busy than New Seasons.

Of the three, Fred Meyer is a) the furthest away, b) the most likely to be patronized by insane people and c) far and away the place with the dumbest, slowest checkout service. After waiting typically 10-20 minutes for every checkout, we decided it was worth $40 a month to get our groceries elsewhere.

Since we're just realizing that WF is actually slightly cheaper AND closer, we're about to go Whole Foods. Contemplating the switch makes me feel (even more) like a yuppie prick, but hey, if the shoe fits....
The last time I went to Whole Foods I was in a hurry to get some meat for guests and just jumped in to the nearest grocery. This was the one in Hollywood. It was so insanely overpriced for a few chicken breasts (i.e. the cheapest meat there is) that I was actually angry leaving the store. I checked out the beer. On average, the identical 22-oz bottle of beer is $1 more at WF compared to Fred Meyer. I feel like they are insulting my intelligence. My vow is to never go back.

The New Seasons in Concordia is not that bad. Much better than a WF. But it feels like a scene. Like everyone is on display. Freddies is normal fugly people, just there to buy groceries.
I don't know why many people insist that Fred Meyer is so much less expensive than the alternative big stores. It's not that cheap. The quality of the food/drink is often pretty inferior, and food selection is lacking for people who actually cook meals, because the store would rather be WalMart-style one-stop shopping.

WinCo is fucking terrible for people who actually care how their food tastes. Their selection is just the worst. I also perused their book selection (an area where they could be putting good food) and found that they were pretty much all Christian books. Are they trying to proselytize to their customers. I also noted that magazines like Cosmo at the checkout had boards placed in front of their covers -- SO TEH CHILDREN WON'T HAVE TO SEE WORDS LIKE "SEX QUIZ" AND AIRBRUSHED CLEAVAGE! Fuck you, WinCo.
Oh, come on, geyser. That's ridiculous. There isn't a magic process in which the Pacific almond milk I buy at Winco for $1.19 is suddenly lower quality than the Pacific almond milk they sell at NSM for $1.99.

If you know what you're looking for (and care about how your food tastes), Winco is the place to be. For produce, no. I go to the farmer's market or co-op. But for packaged goods, deals on bulk products and things like cereal, you won't beat Winco.
Trader Joe's, I love that place, so inexpensive. Just have to get in there when it's not busy, otherwise is it the biggest cluster-fuck on the planet.
The Hollywood one at least.
The Safeway near my house on MLK is full of good people and pretty cheap. If I need more obscure shit, I'll go to Fubonn on 82nd.
The guy in the produce dept at New Seasons IS a douche, funny thing!
Oh yeah, and if you need to buy rabbit meat or pig's feet, Food 4 Less is the bomb...
Oregometry: I was speaking in general about the quality of most of their products. I'm sure there are a few good products, and those will be cheap, but it's not enough trouble for me to go there and make sure I have enough cash on hand (no credit cards) when I have to shop elsewhere to get most of the ingredients to make food from scratch. Too much cheap packaged food in that place.
From the title I thought this one was about masterbating too much.
WinCo for the win. Beats the shit out of everyone else on price. The produce is fine if you know what to get and are willing to dig through the piles to find the one or two good peppers. I wouldn't get a papaya there but for lettuce, apples, etc. it's just as good as Freddy's, just smaller and you pick through it yourself.

I buy a ton of produce and always walk out of WinCo paying $5-$10 less than for Freddy's, and way way less than WF or NS, plus I don't get exposed to those horrible "organic" pesticides.

I get all my meat at New Seasons, and the quality and customer service are great (except for this one butcher who hates me since I suggested to some woman looking for beef bones that she try Uwajimaya instead of waiting a week for NS to get more in). Based on my infrequent surveys, it seems like WF has more expensive meat.

But seriously, join the human fucking species and shop at WinCo. NS in the 'Tron is full of normal people, as a WF would be were one here. But it's not, which is why it always seems like WF is full of fucks, I guess. They seem to have great variety, though...
I rather go to Fred Meyer, QFC, or Safeway, even Costco is far better than WF or NS. For one Fred Meyer, QFC and Safeway all have self check-outs, which fucking kick ass!
To the person complaining about Fred Meyer check out lines, go to the self check out, it's insanely faster and funny/fun.

I adore the weirdos at Fred Meyer, QFC and Safeway!

I simple detest the norms at NS and WF.
Agreed on the meat quality at th' Seasons there. Fred Meyer is great if you want toilet paper or detergent. But their meat selection is shit.

Matter o' fact, from where I live:

I could go to Zupan's except why the fuck would anyone pay those prices if they didn't have to?

I could go to Barbur Foods if I needed some asafoetida, or burberry.

I could go to Food Front, if I hadn't already had my fill of being judged by weirdly vindictive strangers.

I could go to Market of Choice, and I often do, but it's a treat store.

I could go to Safeway, if I was in the mood for Creepy.

Ooh. And seriously go fuck yourself if you're recommending QFC. So, you like stores that manage to merge the shitty selection of a Safeway with the unfriendliness of a Whole Foods? Shit, you're crazy.
Qfc has been here much longer than whole foods. But I agree how dude should fuck off.
Don't know what QFC you've been to, but the one I go to has nothing but super friendly chill young people working there.

Maybe if you weren't such a dick you would be treated better there. Just some advice. =)
Hey some advice back atcha there : you do yourself no favors by acting like you know a stranger, stranger. We're just talking about stores.

Oh, but no. You can't leave it at that. The stores you like are the stores that Real People like! Where real people go, and not all those fake people who made you feel so bad! And certainly no one who disagrees with you would be treated well, because these are Good Stores For Good People! Like YOU!!!
I like the QFC on E Burnside. Staunch characters, employees and shoppers alike.
I have all of my groceries delivered to my home for fear of running into an internet message board commenter in real life. I have not been outside since 2001. I use Safeway's agoraphobia service.
WINCO. Worker-owned, ever expanding organic options, much more regional in terms of purchasing (especially when stuff comes into season...). That stuff stays fresh in my fridge way longer than from any other store. And I have a couple of kids so I can't just shop for me ... Gotta stretch that dollar!
@12, very true. I worked in produce (fred meyer) for 6 years and frankly the quality at Trader Joes is not good. The produce at FM is about the same quality as WH (without the laughable price), NS is a little higher quality. I agree with another poster that Winco has crappy meat, but realize it is a store geared towards larger families and people who are budgeting. I don't have much money right now myself, but I am single and go to a butcher (I know of two) for that 4-5 times a month I have meat. I have enough friends who fish that I don't worry about that (I know, lucky bastard!). I would not buy meat or fish from NS Or WF if I had to. That would be like going to Laurelhusrt Market and dropping 36$ on an average steak with no sides. Yikes
Chillaxe, bro.
Well, I'm mostly a ground beef/chicken leg guy, so it's not a huge outlay. And the lamb blade chops are cheaper than at other stores... eating meat 5 nights a week changes the math a bit.

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