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lol merc censored where i called jonathan maus a douchebag. bc he is
Where do I get a food card?

I'm going to go ahead and guess you moved here from a "real" city like Los Angeles. When can we expect you to go back?
Anon: card and cart, not the same things. How come opera guys always play up the stereotypical passive aggressive role without fail? He even chimed in to protest that his playground feather-ruffling of Jonathan Maus wasn't included. Boohoo. I'm glad the opera in Portland upsets you :) u mad bro?
I only run Opera when I am checking cross-browser compatibility. Otherwise, just like the fat lady singing, it's annoying...
Quite right, anon! And how can one explain this mania for beer here, when a fine glass of amontillado is far superior? When I ask for one of the better brands of it at the local public houses, they look at me as if I were mad as a march hare. Fuck them and fuck this bullshit town! Grow up, douchebags! WTF!
I try to avoid the opera, but the poster was spot on about PAM! Nice post! "Kindergarten crafts and bikes" I love it!
I disagree. Lady Butterfly was beautiful, the Rothko exhibit contains many works, and the John Frame exhibit is powerful and intense.

Also, Portland is a city with less than 600,000 residents. It is unfair to compare it to large cities like New York. You should compare it to places like Milwaukee, Nashville, and Denver. Then, Portland is quite an impressive place.
The people doing kindergarten crafts and riding bikes are definitely the same people restricting the supply of taxis.
who the hell needs taxis? I don't get this stupid I,A.
#7 has it right. It's not that big of a city. That said, that "indie bullshit" does include independent theater, some of which is pretty damn good, and there are a lot of talented visual artists in this city even if they don't have works hanging in MoMA. Stray a little further from PSU, you'll find it.
Actually, Jonathan is a really decent guy that does a lot of good around these parts you fucking tool. You want good opera? It's just a short, direct flight from here to NYC. Stay there awhile.
Waah waah whine. BOOOOOOOOOO you pretentious penis-face......

And as for all those who commented before......
You're walking that very same thin line.

Remember! This is coming from a loving place.


Random hippie with headdress
This is why I am virtually the only Portland native you can find that likes Seattle better than here. And before anybody says it, I did live in Seattle once and would kill to get back there. The roads suck, the homeless are scary and everything is fuckin' dirty. All of which are hallmarks of a world-class city.
@11 gotta disagree, I'm with anon, guy is a world class entitled douchebag who never stops whining.

I remember when Amazing Race had an episode here and the contestants had to hail a taxi from downtown to get to their next destination. One group wasted so much time on Burnside near Voodoo Doughnuts trying to find a taxi. I think they lost the race because of that.
But I am not knocking the taxi system in Portland. It's not hard to get a taxi here (unless it's New Year's eve), you can get the bar (or the establishment you are at) to call you one or just download the Taxi Magic app.
I see your Seattle and raise you Vancouver (the real one, not what lies across the river). Great food, people, skyline, outdoor shit, international, and a real dirty underbelly. Just up from Gastown I've seen some shit. Love that town.
#14. Ah, everyones entitled to their opinion. While he's not a friend, my interactions with him racing have been fine.
I don't know of any city the size of Portland where once can easily hail a cab.
@15: You're right about the technology now available to get a cab easily from anywhere.

However, the people on that show are fucking morons. You know what are all over the place in that neighborhood? Hotels. Hotels where there are always cabs waiting outside.

Yet another reason Anon is a moran.
lol "moran"

@18 European cities. I suspect Anon is from somewhere like Seattle or New York though.
I can give a cats ass about Opera, nor do I really know anyone that attends it, but Portland DOES have an excellent theater scene and talent. I can't help you in terms of hailing a cab as I have never had a problem getting one for myself or others. Also you sound like a petty, whiney windbag who is trying to impress others
"I moved to Portland and am shocked to find it isn't diverse/ cosmopolitan/ you can't get a real bagel/ there are genuine hicks living within city limits."

You moved to fucking Portland, Oregon. What were you expecting?
Amen, Blabby.
Please move back to wherever you came from. We really don't need more pretentious cock rangers like yourself, we're all full up here.
Blabby +1

The Museum here is kind of disappointing but then again everything is after spending a few days at the Chicago Art Institute. If you need more art there's The Seattle Art Museum, the Henry Gallery (which is almost always great), and there's even the Tacoma Art Museum all within a few hours drive away.

We have PICA and TBA, Disjecta, the Museum of Contemporary Craft, a fantastic music scene, multiple great galleries of high and lowbrow art, a fantastic ballet, Bridgetown and a thriving comedy community, and then there's Trek In The Park! I constantly feel like I'm missing awesome events all the time (screw you, Mercury, for reminding me of this).
I am content with the vast array of local comics and fanzines I've seen with links provided here.

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