via Craigslist
Guys. I'm just going to let this person from Beaverton selling a fully animated six-foot-tall talking wizard speak for himself. Via Craigslist:

For sale is one fully animated wizard in a purple robe and matching wizard's hat.
This guy is absolutely amazing and has several moving parts.
Recently upgraded with new motors and electronics.
The eyes move side to side.
His head moves up and down on a randomized timer.
His right arm moves side to side and can be shut off with a red button in the back.
His left hand is wired with a light bulb socket.
And his mouth is voice activated. You can talk through a microphone and his mouth will move - being triggered by the sound of your voice.
There is a speaker in his belly for booming out whatever you want him to say.
Or - hook up your smartphone via the audio jack and he will lip sync to your music.
I am including a remote lapel mic that connects into the transmitter.
Of course you can use a higher quality microphone setup if you prefer. The input box has two 3.3mm input jacks for incoming audio.

These fully animated characters cost almost $5000 brand new.

Asking $2800 or best offer.

And wait... THERE'S VIDEO, TOO?!? (OMG, the quick suck zoom into the wizard's face is a thing of gorgeous creepiness!)

Whoever ends up buying this wizard, PLEASE contact the Mercury here. We want to proclaim you "THE COOLEST PERSON IN PORTLAND."

Hat tips to @ezra_ace

Courtesy Craigslist