Rich Smith

You probably remember that glorious nude statue of orange Donald Trump that was proudly displayed in Seattle recently. Turns out it was one of five statues—each titled "The Emperor Has No Balls"—that magically appeared in five cities across the nation. Apparently all were destroyed or disappeared... except for one. And that last, lonely orange monstrosity can now be YOURS if you win this auction! From the AV Club:

Julien’s Auctions is offering one of the statues—the sole remaining, after authorities confiscated, destroyed, and issued winking press statements about all the others—in an Oct. 22 auction in Los Angeles. According to Reuters, it’s expected to fetch between $10,000 and $20,000, a number that presumably reflects not only the pop-art significance it’s attained in this epochally dumb moment within our culture, but also the amount of labor and materials that actually went into making it. As The Daily Beast covered, the project for art collective Indecline—headed up by horror movie special effects creator Joshua Monroe—required nearly four months’ of work and around $6,000 worth of clay and resin to faithfully replicate Donald Trump’s sun-bloated-cadaver sheen. But of course, it was all worth it, as this statue finally introduced Trump’s ginger balls to the political debate. And now, one lucky bidder can introduce them to their home.

A portion of the money will go to advocacy group, National Immigration Forum, if that's something that will help you part with $20,000. GO ON! BUY IT! It will look great next to your bedside table, staring down at you while you sleep.