Good morning, Portland. Sorry for making you wait a little longer than usual for these links. My bad.

The federal government announced yesterday that they won't revoke the permits for an alt-right rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza on Sunday. Mayor Ted Wheeler, in the wake of Friday's hate crime murders, wanted the permits to be revoked.

A right-wing rally on April 29
A right-wing rally on April 29 Doug Brown

Speaking of that rally, there were already going to be many protesters at that rally. There will be even more now because of what happened on Friday. The Portland Police Bureau just put out a press release detailing the law enforcement strategy:

The Bureau has been collaborating with law enforcement and public safety partners to ensure that public safety is the top priority for all participants and community members. Law enforcement will be prepared to arrest and prosecute those individuals who commit criminal acts.
The law enforcement and public safety partners include, but are not limited to the following agencies:
* Portland Police Bureau
* Oregon State Police
* Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
* Federal Protective Service
* Department of Homeland Security
* Federal Bureau of Investigation
* United States Attorney's Office
* Multnomah County District Attorney's Office
* Portland Fire & Rescue

Micah Fletcher, a poet and surviving hero of Friday's attack, released a poem yesterday. The Portland literary community has been rallying around him.

In other news, we reported yesterday that a proposal to allow rent control in Oregon is probably dead: "After the Oregon House of Representatives earlier this year passed a bill that would kill the state's pre-emption on local limits on rent hikes, a Senate committee this afternoon chopped that provision before moving the legislation before the full Senate."

In the Oregonian: "A bill that would allow the city's elected commissioners to lower residential street speed limits from 25 mph to 20 mph is on its way to Gov. Kate Brown's desk after passing the Senate Wednesday. House Bill 2682 passed 17-10, a nearly party-line vote."

"Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden says the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russia’s role in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign does not get in the way of the Senate quest for answers," OPB reports.

"Twenty-three people were displaced by a fire in Beaverton Wednesday morning, and one man received emergency medical care after jumping from a third-story apartment to escape the blaze," the Beaverton Valley Times reports. "Thirteen of the 23 are receiving services from the American Red Cross Cascades Region."

Noted rich guy and Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen yesterday "provided the first look at the world's largest airplane based on wingspan. The airplane from Stratolaunch weights 500,000 pounds, and rested on all 28 wheels without support for the first time." It actually hasn't, ya know, been in the air yet, which is the most important function for an airplane.

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