Erica Perez
Erica Perez

Portland’s favorite post-rock outfit Grails at Revolution Hall on August 23rd

Miss chef Anh Luu’s Vietnamese-Mexican phorrito mashups? Then strap on your feeding bibs, because she’s bringing them back for a pair of Wednesday night pop-ups at her Cajun-and-Creole-with-a-Vietnamese-twist of a restaurant in the Kearns neighborhood.

Don’t know what a phorrito is? Read Andrea's Damewood's excellent description, or Just imagine every ingredient found in a bowl of pho, noodles and everything, wrapped up in a flour tortilla like a burrito and served with a ramekin of brothy dipping sauce.

Luu’s pop-ups are a nod to her—and her dish’s—January appearance on the Food Network TV show The Grill Dads, and they go down from 3 to 9 pm tonight, February 21, and again next week on Wednesday, February 28.

Don’t eat meat? No problem. Luu also makes a vegan version of her beefy phorritos, which cost $11 and $12, respectively. It’s also an excellent time to try Luu’s crawfish étouffée nachos ($10) kimchi, and coconut curried black eyed peas and rice ($6 for each).

Tapalaya: 28 NE 28th, 503-232-6652