Jason Sturgill

It's almost 4/20, and because we are a newspaper staffed by responsible grownups, we did a whole entire Weed Issue!

This isn't the first time the Mercury's devoted pages upon pages of content to cannabis. In what's become an annual, April-20-adjacent tradition, the Portland Mercury's Weed Issue has become the funnest and bestest way to read about what we're smoking, vaping, eating, and rubbing on our skin. (Because there are cannabis topicals now, you see. We're not just being weird.)

So take a gander at this jam-packed Weed Issue, either on old-fashioned ink-stainy newsprint, or by using the magic of pixels and electricity to absorb its dopey, green goodness. Here's what's inside:

Cannabis and Race
How Imperialism Almost Erased the History of Our Favorite Plant

Weed in the Water
Tarukino's Cannabis Waters Are Making Their Way to Oregon

The Chronic (Pain)
Five Edibles I Ate to Self-Medicate

Vape Up or Ship Out
Evaluating Two of Our Favorite Vaporizers

Come to the Source
Make Your Own Cannabis Extract at Home

Let's Get Stoned with Bilbo and Chewbacca!
Pipe-Weed, Death Sticks, and Other Made-Up Drugs

A Potpourri of Cannabis Product Reviews
Get It? Pot-pourri? Eh? Eh?

Leafly's Guide to Cannabis Is Dope
Finally a Pot Primer Worth Recommending

"Don't Be Concerned. It Will Not Harm You."
Tips to Take the Edge Off When You're Too High

A Cannabis Crash Course in Cinema
Feed Your Stoned Brain with These Nutzoid Films

There's news, tips, reviews, history, and maybe some sorta dumb stuff that we thought was a good idea when we were high. In other words, it's the Portland Mercury Weed Issue—so get to readin', potheads!