Guys! In case you missed the memo, these days EVERY ELECTION IS IMPORTANT. And that includes tomorrow's (Tues May 15) primary election, where you'll be deciding some really important stuff, including who you want to run for governor, two Portland city council seats, a Multnomah county commissioner and auditor, AND providing much-needed assistance to disadvantaged kids. As I said, IMPORTANT STUFF.

So seriously, fill out your ballot, and DROP IT OFF NO LATER THAN 8 PM TOMORROW NIGHT at any of these fine locations.

And if you need help decided which bubbles to fill in, we can assist with that too! Check out the Mercury's "Representation Matters" election endorsements where we provide well-researched answers to all your voting queries. (Our guest columnist, the Incredible Hulk, also offered up his endorsements—though you might want to think twice about following those.) NO TIME TO THINK? Here's our quick and dirty VOTER CHEAT SHEET so you can grab, vote, and go! LET'S DO THIS, PEOPLE. DEMOCRACY—and your city—NEEDS YOU!


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