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Crews work on a fire in 2014. The fires near Grants Pass have 1,800 firefighters working on them
Crews work on a fire in 2014. The fires near Grants Pass have 1,800 firefighters working on them Chris Friend, Oregon Department of Forestry

Goooooood Morning Portland! It's gonna be a hot week, so find some shade, a cool drink, and maybe hop in the river if you get the chance. Let's get to the news!

Feeling insecure: President Donald Trump wants to revoke the security clearance of some of his political opponents, including James Comey. Some are calling it an abuse of power meant to silence his critics.

Much worse, Chancellor President Trump can cancel an American's citizenship. These immigrants thought they were safely citizens, but Trump is prosecuting more of them than ever to try to revoke citizenship.

Democracy in Action: The fight against partisan gerrymandering has moved from the courts to the ballot box in five different states. If we can't rely on politicians to hold their own fair elections, it's time to force them.

R. Kelly is still an alleged child molester: in a 19-minute song called "I Admit," Kelly denied allegations that he leads a sex cult and hurts underage girls. It feels a bit like the infamous If I Did It move O.J. Simpson pulled after he escaped murder charges.

Speaking of garbage: Waves of polluted garbage are washing up on the shore in the Dominican Republic. I'm sure cancelling plastic straws will totally solve this problem.

Hundreds are missing after a dam collapsed in Laos following flash floods. The dam had been built in 2015 and its collapse put seven villages underwater.

North Korea is dismantling some of its missile facilities, the first sign of actual denuclearization following the Kim-Trump summit a month ago.

Grease Fire: Severe wildfires in Greece have killed nearly 50 people and led the country to ask the European Union for help.

In the U.S., flooding threatens the East Coast while the rest America is stuck in a heat wave and/or on fire.

Oregon is one of the lucky winners: a fire near the Dalles is nearly contained now at nearly 80,000 acres, but another massive fire near Grants Pass has reached 11,500 acres and is only 14 percent contained. What's worse, firefighters are struggling with a lack of resources on the latter.

In Portland news, Mayor Ted Wheeler announced yesterday that the city is giving notice to the Occupy ICE PDX protest that it needs to vacate the property. Following the announcement, officers posted signs at the occupy camp giving protesters three hours to vacate the property. We'll be monitoring the protest today, so follow us on Twitter.

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Wheeler is trying to be a bit more transparent: His office announced yesterday that Wheeler will begin holding monthly press conferences with news outlets. Our first question: Why did you only give us 20 minutes of notice for yesterday's conference on Occupy ICE PDX?

Commissioner Nick Fish has been fighting stomach cancer this year, and his treatment is about to intensify. Good luck, Fish!

That's all folks! Here's a racist you'll immediately want to forgive.