The sidewalk protest set up outside of city hall Sunday.
The sidewalk protest set up outside of city hall Sunday. Kelly Kenoyer

Portland police have asked protesters to leave the sidewalk in front of City Hall after someone was hit in the face with a pole.

Here's the connection: According to Portland Police Bureau (PPB), a man got into an argument with a male protester this afternoon because the protest group (self-identified as Occupy ICE PDX 2) was occupying too much space on the sidewalk. When the man left and walked to his truck parked nearby, the protester allegedly hit him in the face with a pole. He was taken to the hospital with a head wound.

PPB officers identified the suspect as 33-year-old William Pierce, and arrested him on second-degree assault charges. Not long after, officers gave the remaining protesters a warning for "improper sidewalk use," and asked them to leave.

Protesters have been camped out in front of Portland City Hall since Sunday, August 5, and have already had a number of tense interactions with police and city hall's security guards. It appears that, on the heels of Saturday's violent alt-right protest, the original focus of the Occupy ICE protest has shifted from immigration to police brutality. Yesterday, two people were arrested inside city hall for refusing to leave the building after protesting during a city council meeting. It's unknown if the two arrested were associated with the sidewalk group.