As you hopefully all know, tomorrow is one of the Most Important Midterm Elections in History. Superlatives aside, that means you may need some company to watch the election results roll in (starting at 8 pm). Whether you want to gasp/celebrate/sob with the candidates themselves or bite your nails over beers with fellow constituents, Portland's got your election watching needs covered.

(If you're more interested in watching the local and national results tick in from the safety of your home, follow along with our live election coverage blog here on Blogtown tomorrow night).

First, the campaign parties:

Democratic Party of Oregon Election Night Party
Watch the midterm election results stream in with Governor Kate Brown and members of the No Cuts to Care campaign (No on Measure 106) as well as a ton of Democratic Party VIPs. (7 pm, Portland Downtown Hilton)

Knute Buehler Watch Party
We don't know too much about the GOP gubernatorial candidate's watch party aside from where it's being held (for now). Goatees welcome.
(7 pm, Sentinel Hotel)

Loretta Smith Election Watch Party
Smith and her campaign staff will count the votes for her city council race from a historic spot: The "only club where African Americans could socialize" when Smith's grandparents moved to Portland. (6:30 pm, Billy Webb Elks Lodge)

Jo Ann Hardesty Election Watch Party
Hardesty, the other candidate in the race for city council, will be serenaded by the soulful tunes of the Norman Sylvester Band as she and her supporters keep score. (7 pm, Holocene)

Portland Clean Energy Initiative Watch Party
Will Portlanders vote to stick a tax on big businesses to curb climate change and boost minority communities? This crew hopes so! (7:30 pm, 435 NE 18th)

No on 105 Watch Party
Members of Causa, the ACLU, and the team behind the No on 105 campaign will hunker down at the First Untied Church with promises of wine and tamales.
(7 pm, First Congregational United Church of Christ)

Yes For Affordable Housing Watch Party
Metro's top brass (and a bunch of other affordable housing advocates) will meet up at a downtown architecture studio (fitting) to watch election results roll in. (7 pm, Ankrom Moisan Architects)

Now, for the more freewheelin' parities unaffiliated with candidates or campaigns:

She Came. She Saw. She Fucking Voted.
Wildfang promises a safe space to watch the elections with massages, meditation, beer, wine, snacks, and LOCAL CELEBS. (5:30 pm, Wildfang West)

City Club's Election Watch Party
City Club of Portland takes over Neat on Hawthorne and turns it into midterm results HQ. You might with a free City Club membership out of it, too! (6 pm, Neat on Hawthorne)

Not only is it the name of the event, it's an apt description for election night in general. Enjoy drink specials, $1 tacos, and performances by Princess Monochokeme, Marla Darling, Rita Lynn, and Nae Nae Dominatrix. (9 pm, Local Lounge)

Results May Vary
Election night is going to be tough no matter what happens, and Kelly's is hosting a ton of Portland's best comics to help make sense of the polls, the votes, the news, and the results—or at least, make fun of them if making sense isn't possible. (5 pm, Kelly's Olympian)

Lucky Horseshoe Election Results
The Lucky Horseshoe will open its doors and ready its taps early, helping create a supportive, friendly spot to learn about how well we all exercised our civic duty in one of the most important midterms in American history. (3 pm, Lucky Horseshoe Lounge)

Scandals' Election Night Party
You're probably going to need a drink no matter what this election night, and Scandals is extending their happy hour specifically to encompass the entirety of the evening, with KJ Suzanne coming on at 9pm, and results on the big-screen for you to toast or drown out. (5 pm, Scandals)