Burgerville employees working at the chain's Hawthorne location are the latest to ask management to formally recognize their store's union.

“Burgerville corporate likes to say that they’re excited to work with the union and listen to us workers,” said James Curry, a worker at the Hawthorne Burgerville, in a press release. “This is their chance to do the right thing and prove it."

According to Burgerville union spokesperson Emmett Schlenz, 80 percent of those employed at the Hawthorne store have signed a petition supporting unionization, which was delivered to their store manager this afternoon. These workers join two other Burgerville stores—one on SE 92nd and Powell and another in Gladstone)—in pushing to unionize.

Burgerville now has the option to voluntarily recognize the Hawthorne union and kick off contract negotiations, or to require the store hold an official vote to unionize. If that vote got the same support as today's petition, Burgerville would be mandated to formally recognize the union.

When the other two Burgerville stores decided to unionize, Burgerville chose not to voluntarily recognize them. There's no indication that'll change this time around.

But Hawthorne employees are hopeful.

"The overwhelming majority of workers at Hawthorne have spoken: we want Burgerville to voluntarily recognize us," said Curry.

The Powell and Gladstone shops are now in the midst of joint contract negotiations with Burgerville which, according to Schlenz, is moving slowly. If the Hawthorne store's union is recognized, its workers will join the other two stores' employees at the bargaining table.