This post has been up for nearly half an hour and none of you have yet 'splained to Steve why "this kind of talk is what got Orange Julius Caesar elected in the first place!" Will no one tout the middle-of-the-road (where the white guys live) as the sure path to victory? I expected more...or maybe it was less. Hmmm.


The left playing identity politics is sure to beat Trump!

This article is so dumb... must be a slow “news” day at The Mercury.


"Slow news day" is the most tired and lazy comment still being peddled these days. Step up your game Doug.


@jim: If you have the time to respond to comments, does that not prove that it is, in fact, a slow “news” day? Shouldn’t you be working or something? ;)


I like Elizabeth Warren. Gotta give her credit for putting forth some good policy ideas. But she lacks charisma. Maybe if we’re lucky she ends up as VP. As for Kamala Harris... she may be black but she is no Obama.

My prediction: it’s going to be Biden vs Sanders for the nomination. This remains newsworthy in its own right as the continuing battle between the centrist vs progressive wings of the party, essentially a replay of 2016. Right now Biden wins it. The question is how much will the Democratic Party piss off Bernie supporters (again)? Will the Bernie supporters vote for Biden, 3rd party, stay home, Trump? They likely swung the election last time. What has changed? Trump has proved to be more incompetent than expected, hasn’t drained the swamp, and has been too strong a supporter of Israel. That might be enough to keep the Bernie Bros in the Democratic fold. But maybe not.


I am one of those people on the left who “sold out” last election and voted for Hillary Clinton. I voted for Bernie in the primaries. Regardless, I had to listen to countless Bernie supporters (and to the contrary to the over-arching late election news cycle spin, a substantial swath of those hollering at me were, in fact, not “bros” nor “dudes” (rendered by you in the acrid tone of contempt and tired, understated blogger snark, of course.) No, they were women. Many of whom loved going on and on about topics such as male privilege, entitlement, etc

I knew this would happen, though.

I knew that we would end up at a point where the left would become so brow-beaten by the Trump administration and the reality distortion field surrounding his public persona that lefties would decide to “play it safe” early-on in the next election. To this I have to ask: where the hell was your newfound inner-placater after the last primaries? We coulda used it, then. That was when it was time to compromise.

It drives me crazy to watch the overall incompetence of the left-wing zeitgeist when it comes to actually organizing instead of infighting like rabid hyenas interbred with bitchy “mean girls” and stumbling over each other to out virtue-signal for “woke” social media points, thinking you are “drawing out and expelling the ‘imposters and wolves in sheep’s clothing’ from among your ranks.”

Guess what people? Right now—BEFORE the primaries—is the exact time we should be playing with the “Overton Window.” I’m an “old,” “entitled,” “gross” “dude” and am asking you, for the love of God, to not fuck this up and try being extra radical for awhile. Right now is the exact time to let your freak flag fly. Not AFTER the primaries, when it’s time to pull together like grownups.

It’s like negotiating for pay, or haggling: start by asking for more first, then back-peddle later. If you short-change yourself from the outset, you are definitely not going to get what you want in the end. Unless of course, you are actually into neoliberal economics and are pining for yet another centrist Democrat.

So go out there and raise hell! Support Warren, support Kamala, support Sanders. I really don’t care. Complain about climate change, student loan debt, and capitalism. Better than yet another god-damned think piece about “man-spreading” or whatever the hell it was you were going on about before 2016, when you realized there is trouble in the “first-world.” I may be toxic, but you bet your ass if you start talking about student loans I’m going to listen. The difference between you and Warren is that she actually has something to offer besides 140 character “hot takes” written by a cat lady who bitches about capitalists while striving to become one.

In summary: think about how much you hate me and let that hate flow through you and guide your actions accordingly! Then, let’s be total bros after the midterms just long enough that we can tell this crony capitalist: “you’re fired!”

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