As Tenants Urge City Council to Pass Fairer Rental Policies, Landlords Campaign for the Status Quo



Ted Wheeler let the lobbyists for the large institutional landlords write his amendments for him. Lucky for us, the rest of the Council will reject them.


There were a number of landlords testifying in favor of the new policies, in agreement with tenants. We at are among those who support the new policies as a step towards increased fairness.


Hardesty said. “I don’t need anybody else tonight to tell me that most landlords don’t discriminate, because if that were true, we would not be having this conversation tonight. So you can just take that out of your lexicon for this evening.”

Well, that's rational; "Stop saying things that conflict with my view of reality". She really is a bit of a toddler.


4 Landlord after landlord kept saying that therr's no discrimination happening, which sane people know isn't true. She was calling them out for their lies, and rightly so.


Hardesty is really good at using staged moral outrage to censor public comments. She has done it several times already. I’m afraid we will be putting up with her for a long time before she so befouls the nest that she flys the coop.


A commisioner trying to direct public testimony. Perhaps she doesn't understand her role in public; sit, listen, shut up.