Portland Police Offer No Proof That Protesters Had Milkshakes with "Quick-Dry Cement"



Such a weird framing of this story, almost as if you’re trying to help Rose City Antifa save face. Whether or not they contained cement doesn’t negate the fact that people were attacked and hospitalized. And ending the article with “inflammatory” is hilarious - as if things weren’t already “inflamed.” Another guy was beat up by Antifa with a crowbar, but there was no cement in that either so, all good.


Despicables on both sides.


@1 it's pretty silly that you need to lie and make up stories about people being beat with crowbars to push your "anti-antifa" narrative. Here's some actual fact for you. One, the man bleeding wasn't hit with a crowbar. There's video of his altercation. He started it by getting physical with someone, they ended it. He was then picked up by other ANTIFA members and escorted to safety. It's all on film. As for Andy Ngo being "hospitalized", he requested AGAINST emt directives to be taken via ambulance for minor scrapes and bruises. He was never admitted to any ER in Portland. The pictures he took of himself are from a waiting room. His injuries also don't show any serious damage other than you would get on a fight. He threatened people online all week long and then waded I to a crowd of people he's been threatning to appear like a victim. He now is collecting 70k from a GoFundMe to pay for his "injuries". How could he have a brain hemmorage if he was able to walk for three blocks before he called 911 on himself? He also wasn't attacked because of his race, sexual orientation, or even politics like he's claiming. He was attacked because he threatened massive amounts of people thinking the proudboys would show up and save him.


Ah yes, the good ol’ “here’s why it was actually justified” argument. I’m glad you saw right through my concern for violence and exposed my nefarious anti-Antifa agenda. Poor, oppressed club-weilding Antifa. And for the record, all sides involved need to be equally condemned and prosecuted if engaged in assault, regardless of whatever stupid little group names they give themselves.


So... the police immediately release an official statement full of nothing but speculation about a potential health hazard that could cause panic, but they held off on telling people about the ACTUAL nazi rooftop snipers that they ACTUALLY FOUND for months. Yeah, the PPB is definitely neutral and not at all on any one side.


I learned the difference between Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer this weekend.

Patriot Prayer will fight Andy Ngo's battles for him.

Proud Boys? Nope.


@7 how racist and homophobic of you to bring up those traits about him as if that was the reason why he was attacked. He wasn't attacked because of his skin color, sexual orientation, or even his disgusting islamaphobic and BDP writings and political views. He was attacked because he threatened people online and has created a doxx list of fellow journalists which he posted not only to Quillette, but to 8chan as well. He also waded I to a crowd of as you say "violent thugs" who he's been threatning. I'd expect your "common sense conservative" upbringing to teach that throwing rocks at a hornet's nest, then crying when you get stung is pretty dumb.


@boon2watt "I don't condone violence of any kind" "soy boys pissing their pants" followed by other weak ass armchair threats. Listen moron, here's the deal. You want to go around online, safe in your safe space, and threaten people, insult them, call them soy boys and beta males or whatever, the you cry victim and tell "thug" when you take your comments section into reality and it's not a safe exchange of ideas. None of these "attacks" have any basis in anything remotely political. Everyone who was "attacked" is someone who is either a FAR-RIGHT blogger or YouTube warrior. Make videos that have comments sections filled with people threatning to shoot political opponents and see if you don't get your ass beat in reality. It's absolutely fucking ridiculous for you to call anyone a "soy boy" or coward when you treat a fist fight as an attack on you life. Reality isn't a comments section. Nobody wants to "peacefully debate" bigots and morons. You're not going to win a debate with a fucking wingnut who reads conspiracy theories.


ACTUAL journalist? Are you fucking serious? He freelance writes for fucking Quillette? So what? I have a camera and a YouTube account? I'm a journalist? Andy Ngo is NOT A FUCKING JOURNALIST. He has zero press credentials and is treated a s a fucking absolute joke by any reputable news source for his ridiculous articles like "Portland area bakery serves muffins with a side of white guilt" in addition to his ridiculous as fuck articles on "bio-diversity" which is the cool right wing word for racial science. He's a fucking scumbag piece of shit and a fucking sucky human being because of his own freewill. He thought it would be cute to doxx journalists and release the information on websites frequented by hate groups. It's all well documented. It'll come out in time. As for his fucking moron of a lawyer, good luck with your lawsuit. It'll be interesting to watch you sue "antifa" hahahaha


@20 I don't think you know which group is being sued here. You should try reading the Mercury more: https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2019/05/07/26441628/new-charges-and-defendants-added-to-patriot-prayer-lawsuit


@14 Phleggmie already handed you your ass, but let's go over your CV, shall we?

You've been in Portland "longer than you've been alive." So we all know what "Native Portlander" and "Native Oregonian" means for anyone who aren't the Coquille, Umatilla, Umpqua, Siuslaw, Grand Ronde, or Palute, right? It means you're decended from Klansmen. Just keep touting that and lamenting the fact that your city is no longer a meth-addled, industrially dead wasteland.

When Andy actually asks Blair Stenvick) questions instead of chiding and threatening here -- with no evidence to back his claim -- maybe then it won't be harassment. But it sure looks that way now.

Also, look at you pretending 60 years old is elderly! Cliven Bundy is 73 and still takes on dozens of federal agents. Meanwhile, ask Tara LaRosa about Skip Hall. I'm sure she can tell you some stories about just how feeble he is.

Have you won any argument by quoting Goebbels? I realize he liked to guide the narrative in a way that likely impresses you, but you maybe shouldn't aspire to his level of spin.

Nobody's condoning violence here. Ten to 15 people beating up one person is an unfair fight in any capacity. Assaulting journalists -- whether you feel they are one or not -- sets terrible precedent in a climate where "Fuck CNN" is a staple chant at political rallies. But there's a difference between condoning violence and pointing out that said violence was provoked. If you're 60 years old and starting a fight with 10 to 15 people, there's a chance they won't care how old you are. When you call yourself a journalist and side with one specific group to the point that you target fellow journalists and imply that your newfound friends should do something about it, you shouldn't be surprised when the people whose faces you're trying to record (without permission, by the way) don't take kindly to it.

I'm not delving into your personal exchange with Phleggmy over free speech, but nobody here wants destruction. If people hate Antifa so much, there's one really easy way to make them go away: Make this place as unhospitable for white supremacists and the alt-right as possible. Antifa doesn't show up until the Muslim-hating, violence-bating folks from Vancouver do, and other cities have handled aggressors like them far better than this one has. Maybe it's time to take a lesson from Seattle or Orlando and keep these groups as far from each other as possible.


@popgart and his multiple sock puppet accounts. Sorry you grew up in an environment where you can be a little shit stain to anyone, but as long as you don't touch them, it's all good. How fucking immature and sheltered are you? You're the same little shits stain in school that runs his mouth like a jerk until you get smacked then you play "superior intellectual" and cry wolf. It's pathetic and your response only verifies the type of complete fragile baby you are. You've obviously never been in a fight, or been taught any level of respect for anyone else. Words ar not "just words". Their action. And actions have consequences. Grow the fuck up.


@popgart in none of your response did you ever even acknowledge that Andy Ngo writes islamaphobic and racist writings. Have you read his paper on how a local bakery serves "muffins with a side of white guilt" which was reposted on the dailystormer? Hahaha why would I have an "intellectual debate" with someone who knows absolutely shit about the subject? You also played off my accute and accurate observation that ANDY NGO IS NOT A FUCKING JOURNALIST, as mere opinion when, in reality, hes about as much of a "journalist" as Dan Cortez? He has no press credentials and writes independently and free Lance for a FAR-RIGHT "intellectual dark web" magazine which is code for "were Nazis, but the smart kind" . Just look at Quillette and Claire Lehman's Twitter followers hahaha real intellectuals with screen names like "hitlerdidnothingwrong" and "itsoktobeawhitenationalist". You would think people that want to deal in "dangerous ideals" would expect danger instead of being such cowards. Masks aren't okay in public, but it's cool to post racist memes from a ghost account because "freeze peach"? Why would I have a logical debate with someone who views vitriolic far-right as up for debate?


Btw popgart, it's hilarious to see you associate Andy Ngo making and releasing a doxx list based on "his own research" listing any journalist who wrote even remotely sympathetic to ANTIFA as "a member of ANTIFA" that got dozens of journalists sent death threats after his doxx list was shared on dailystormer, as "braking Suzie's toy". You obviously have no fucking clue whatsoever who and what Andy Ngo is. If you did even the slightest amount of research for yourself, and had any type of a fucking back bone as a human, you'd shut up and agree he got off light in this case. His actions had consequences and those consequences were violent because of the nature of his actions. I think what has you so absolutely fucking triggered is the terrifying thought that your actions could result, albeit illeagal, in someone smacking the taste out of yourouth or denying you service. That's what terrifies all of these "dark web intellectual" types is that , words and thoughts are actions with real life consequences. The whole world isn't a Facebook comments page you can access from your safe space.


Hmmm....Ngo has written for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and the National Review, and that means that he has no press credentials. Interesting, yet Alex and Blair, who write for this rag, which sole purpose is pretty much to let 24 year olds know what bands are playing this weekend and what the cheap happy hours are, as well as to publish anonymous rants, are obviously great journalists deserving of the Pulitzer. You become more hilarious the more delusional your rant becomes.