Dog yoga... in Italian? YES, PLEASE.
Dog yoga... in Italian? YES, PLEASE. Twitter

Good gracious, what a day! (C'MON FRIDAY! Catch up already!) If you've had just too much bad news today, let's turn that mood around with some sweet and funny tweets that are guaranteed* to make you smile!

Today in "Pass the butter, please" news:

Today in "Next time take the elevator" news:

Today in "Once again... dad delivers" news:

Today in "Read the entire thread if you want your mind BLOWN" news:

Today in "You're right... I absolutely DO need this" news:

Today in "I'll take my basketball where I can get it" news:

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Today in "I'll take my post-game interviews where I can get them" news:

And finally, in "Okay, YOU try saying 'Popsicle' if you think you're so freaking great at it" news:

* Seriously, you're going to take me to court or something if you don't smile? What are you, a monster? Just kidding, I love you even if you are a monster. RAWWRRR!