If these dead flies can have a good time... why cant you?
If these dead flies can have a good time... why can't you? Twitter

HELLOOOOOO FRIDAY! (Wait, does Friday have a purpose anymore? Whatever!) If you need to shake off the blues from a week's worth of garbage news, here is the prescription you need: A bunch of funny, sweet tweets to make you laugh and smile! Have a great weekend and know we give a crap about you!

Today in "Don't put Granny in the back" news:

Today in "We all need to snuggle a potato sometime" news:

Today in "Spelling errors are the last straw!" news:

Today in "Apology accepted" news:

Today in "This PSA needs subtitles... but I get the gist" news:

Today in "Breaking otter news" news:

Today in "Okay great... so you're going to make me go and cry?" news:

Today in "A very good use of indoor time" news:

Today in "Come for the misinformed Doritos thread, stay for the surprising twist ending!" news:

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And finally, today in "I hate fart humor... but I will allow this" news:

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