How to help feed the houseless in your neighborhood.
How to help feed the houseless in your neighborhood. Justin Sutterfield / Getty News

Are you looking for ways to help your neighbors during the current COVID-19 crisis? Well, check this out!

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Portland State University's Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative and Right 2 Survive (a group designed to inform the houseless of their rights and reduce stigma around homelessness) have teamed up to create a very informative guide on how YOU can help feed your houseless neighbors—while staying safe and without leaving your neighborhood.

Now more than ever, houseless people in your neighborhood need help, and sometimes a good meal can make all the difference. If you are lucky enough to have food and a roof over your head, this is a great (and SMART) guide to showing how we can help while staying safe.


Download this PDF (it's a larger version) to share with your friends and neighbors here!

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