Theres nothing suspicious about that bear... NOTHING AT ALL.
There's nothing suspicious about that bear... NOTHING AT ALL. Twitter Screen Shot

Congratulations on making it to another FRIIIIIIIDAY. To reward yourself, check out this curated lineup of the rootin'est tootin'est tweets from the internet in this edition of the MERCURY'S CHEER UP CLUB! (If you have stomach stitches, now is a good time to secure them.)

Today in "your golf tip of the day" news:

Today in "Move over kid, I need a nap, too!" news:

Today in "(Ahem!) That's just some dust in my eye" news:

Today in "I think it's time to send that kid to the bench" news:

Today in "I love a parade" news:

Today in "I'm too sexy for my feathers" news:

Today in "It's a good time to focus on a second career" news:

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And finally, in "Do they give Academy Awards to quarantine horror movies?" news:

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