Attention: Here are the worlds greatest flight attendants.
Attention: Here are the world's greatest flight attendants. Courtesy Tik Tok

As we start a new week, let's take a deep breath and meditate on our many blessings... LIKE TWITTER! Okay, fine—Twitter is mostly a rotting garbage pile of white male privilege... but occasionally it produces some hilariously sweet tweets, LIKE THESE!

October is Dine the Couve - 3 for $25 menus
Experience the bounty of northwest flavor with special menus at Clark County restaurants all month.

Today in "Maybe I will book a flight after all" news:

Today in "Well, I knew there had to be a rational explanation" news:

Today in "SWIPER, NO SWIPING" news:

Today in "Thumbs up to this" news:

Today in "cavorting baby goat porn" news:

Today in "BEER'S HERE!" news:

Today in "I'm definitely bathrobe & paint roller" news:

Today in "WAIT FOR IT" news:

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Today in "rodent jealousy" news:

And finally, today in "how to get closer to your neighbors" news:

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Migration Brewing Rooftop at Canvas Now Open!
This 9th floor patio boasts stunning views of the city, three mountains, and Portland’s West Hills.