I know youre bored... but gluing your dog to the ceiling? REALLY?
I know you're bored... but gluing your dog to the ceiling? REALLY? Twitter Screen Shot

HAVE YOU JUST ABOUT HAD ENOUGH OF THIS DAY? Me too, team! That's why it's important to shake off the blues of a depressing day with some all-star, grade-A funny stuff from the internet that's sure to put your evening on a brighter path. Welcome to the MERCURY CHEER UP CLUB, gorgeous!

Today in "UMMMM... why can't I have a sea otter ball pit?" news:

Today in "Mission control... we have a CUTE OVERLOAD" news:

Today in "Dog's gotta work, work, work, work, work, work" news:

Today in "What? No sour dough scones?" news:

Today in "The day's best use of quarantine time" news:

Today in "I'm breaking the Cheer Up Club's 'no politics' rule... but IT'S SO WORTH IT!" news:

Today in "Dog sports are the best sports" news:

Today in "Is this really that much different from football?" news:

Today in "Why isn't this a Netflix show?" news:

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And finally, today in "WAIT FOR IT..." news:

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