Ohhhh... so THATS why he has so many beer bottles in his recycling.
Ohhhh... so THAT'S why he has so many beer bottles in his recycling. Twitter Screen Shot

FRIDAY! Wow, if you would've asked me earlier in the week if we would have made it to now, I'd be like, "HAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAA RIGHT." And yet? Look at us! WE DID IT. Now let's take a deep breath and recalibrate our psyches with a bunch of sterling silver laughs from the Mercury Cheer Up Club! HAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAA RIGHT.

Today in "This is a girl who knows her rights! FIGHT THE POWER!" news:

Today in "Can somebody open this for me?" news:

Today in "MOOSES (or is it meeces?)" news:

Today in "Well, don't lose your head over it" news:

Today in "MOOD" news:

Today in "I want this guy to make love to me" news:

Today in "No... seriously, he needs to be making love to me" news:

Today in "Ski lift prices are too expensive, anyway" news:

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And finally, today in "Be the superhero you want to be" news:

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