Projected on the side of the Justice Center, Saturday June 13.
Projected on the side of the Justice Center, Saturday June 13. Alex Zielinski

UPDATE 11:30 PM: The crowd has dwindled, the cops have quieted (except to continue issuing weird screen shots of announcements... hey, why didn't you just use your fax machine?), so we are calling it for the night. TO RECAP: Around 9 pm a small group of protesters breached THE SACRED FENCE™ where one person was allegedly arrested. According to the police, water bottles and a firework landed near an officer inspiring them to once again wildly overreact and close a good part of downtown to EVERYONE. For one firework they restricted the rights of the hundreds that were downtown for reasons completely unrelated to any protest. For... one... firework.

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ANYWAY. After chasing and flashbanging their way around town, the police eventually dispersed the primary crowd... that is until tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

So thank you for joining us tonight, and if you've been enjoying the Mercury's nightly coverage, please consider contributing to help us keep our eyes open for you.

Until tomorrow night, I'll just leave you with this. Bye!

UPDATE 11:10 PM: As the group tries to decide whether or not to return to the Justice Center, their numbers are dwindling.

UPDATE 10:50 PM: Meanwhile a group of protesters were marching to meet up with another group... that never materialized.

And here's what they're doing in Pioneer Square.


UPDATE 10:35 PM: We'll rejoin the standoff between police and protesters in just a moment, but first, I hope you will forgive me as I GO THE FUCK OFF.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled protest. For those downtown right now, the police department's random boundary is Naito to SW 10th Avenue, and SW Lincoln to Harvey Milk. (It's like they own the place.)

And OHHHHH... here comes Blair with the slam dunk.

UPDATE 10:15 PM: As a group of 100 protesters march back into the COP ZONE, they are met by police... and of course... flash bangs.


UPDATE 10 PM: The cops have chased protesters out of the park in front of the Justice Center, scattering them downtown.

Meanwhile, Tuck has tracked down a big group.

Apparently, this group is heading back into THE COP ZONE.

UPDATE 9:45 PM: Meanwhile back at Jefferson High School... STATUE DOWN. WE HAVE A STATUE DOWN!

And back at the Justice Center? Things are already popping off after protesters climbed THE FENCE™.

The cops are already moving in to clear the park, but the crowd has preemptively moved out.

UPDATE 9:20 PM: Tuck continues to report on the speakers talking to the big crowd at Alberta Park tonight.


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Once more for those in the back: YOU CANNOT DEFUND THE POLICE WITHOUT GETTING RID OF THE POLICE UNION! (Phew! I'm getting hot 'n' bothered!)

As the crowd marches back to Jefferson High, stay tuned as Tuck will soon be joining Blair at THE FENCE™.

UPDATE 9 PM: And even though it's still very early, the police have already given their first warning of the night!

And Tuck has some good activist news:

And let us not forget that June is Pride month:

UPDATE 8:35 PM: And the marchers from Jefferson High have reached Alberta Park! YAY!

Meanwhile our Blair Stenvick has shown up at THE FENCE™, where it is quiet... TOO QUIET??

By the way, this was the scene earlier today at the Justice Center:

UPDATE 8:15 PM: And now a public service announcement for those heading to THE FENCE™ tonight:

This is true—one person was charged with this very crime during last night's protest. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

As the marchers from Jefferson High reach Alberta Park, here's something that was left behind:

And it looks like Portland Police and the Mayor's office will be answering some questions regarding last night's protest and their treatment of the media.

Tuck Woodstock is covering the rally tonight and is just ahead of the marchers at Albert Park. Here's what they are seeing:

UPDATE 7:30 PM: Tonight's east side march organized by Rose City Justice—that usually kicks off from Revolution Hall—has switched its venue to Roosevelt High and is marching to Alberta Park.

I've been to A LOT of these marches over the past two weeks, and I can confirm this tweet:

And the march has started!

ORIGINAL POST 7:10 PM: Welcome back to our nightly live blog documenting Portland's protests against police brutality and honoring the lives of those Black Americans who have been killed by officers of the law. This has been our 17th straight day of covering these protests, and there's no sign they're going to end anytime soon. In fact, the fury of protesters keeps getting reignited by police who (against all common sense, considering the trouble it brings down upon their heads) continue killing Black people across the nation, such as Rayshard Brooks who was fatally shot by Atlanta cops on Friday night, after they were called to investigate a man sleeping in his car at a Wendy's drive-through.

Last night in Portland marked the second evening in row where police used violence and munitions to disrupt a protest in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center, firing flash bangs, pepper balls, and smoke into the crowd who were often confused by conflicting directions from the cops.

And once again attacking members of the press:

You can read more about it and see lots more video in our live blog from last night. What will happen tonight? It's anybody's guess, but our Blair Stenvick and freelancer extraordinaire Tuck Woodstock will both be on the scene—first at the march and rally from Jefferson High to Alberta Park, and then later at... THE FENCE™. Follow them both on Twitter for the minute-to-minute details and this live blog for the overview. Everybody be careful out there!