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A sign in honor of Mayor Ted Wheelers birthday.
A sign in honor of Mayor Ted Wheeler's birthday. Cata Gaitán

Good morning, Portland! And a belated "Happy Birthday!" to Mayor Ted Wheeler, who I assume reads this blog every day.

Here are the headlines!

• Speaking of Wheeler's birthday—last night, protesters held a special comedy roast in his honor, before heading to his apartment building. The crowd set fires and broke windows outside the building, and police responded by declaring a riot and arresting 19 people.

Here's a glimpse into the festivities:

And here's a less-fun part of the night:

• The police killing of a Black man in Los Angeles prompted Angelenos to protest against police last night as well. The man was originally apprehended by police for riding a bicycle and not following proper code. (His name hasn't been released yet.)

• Back here in Oregon: Gov. Kate Brown recently released a new plan for policing protests in Portland, which calls on police from neighboring counties to help the apparently overwhelmed Portland Police Bureau (PPB). There's just one problem: Police from outside Portland don't want to police the protests, because they apparently don't know how to do their jobs without using outsize force. And to that I say: Hey, that's never stopped PPB before!

• Meanwhile, the Portland Police Association (PPA)—the union for PPB's rank-and-file officers—is calling for a "zero tolerance policy" for violence in Portland after the death of Aaron Danielson at a protest on Saturday. PPA President Daryl Turner blamed "policies that handcuffed Portland Police from using all the resources at their disposal to stop the rioting." (It's worth noting that Portland police were notably gentler during Saturday's Trump-supporting caravan than they generally are at solely left-wing protests. For example, no tires were slashed on Saturday, despite drivers literally hitting people with their trucks and shooting people with paintballs. But police are quick to slash tires at other protests, and don't face consequences for doing so.)

• Oh, hey, I like these people!

• And now, let's cast our gaze on national politics! Donald Trump took a break from antagonizing Portland on Twitter yesterday to defend the actions of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, saying Rittenhouse "probably would have been killed" if he hadn't opened fire at a protest, and suggesting he was acting in self-defense.

• And in an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham, Trump also compared police killings to when a golfer "chokes" while trying to land "a three-foot putt." Trump also suggested that Joe Biden is backed by people in "dark shadows," which will likely fan the flames for his supporters who believe in the dangerous Q-Anon conspiracy theory.

• The state Republican-backed campaign to recall Gov. Kate Brown has fallen short of its signature requirement to get on the ballot. Womp-womp!

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