I Used to Be Addicted to Heroin. Oregon Decriminalizing Drug Possession Is a Historic Victory for Human Rights.



No one really cares that people use heroin. Meathead cops notwithstanding, most of us just want the endless petty crime to stop and we want our public spaces back. Don’t conflate the two concepts. Truly victimless crime should be decriminalized. Serial burglars should go to jail or rehab, if that helps end addiction. And people who set up filthy camps in parks because they can’t tolerate public shelter rules should be given the same choice. Lastly, anyone who exploits addicts (dealers, pimps) should face the full brunt of the law.


Thank you for this incredibly humane and insightful piece. You are right that this is a historic victory for human rights. RIP to your friends, for the many others, for whom this initiative came too late.