CALLING ALL SEXY FOLK! (Especially amateur filmmakers, actual filmmakers, sex-positive singles/couples/throuples/quads, wannabe porn stars, kinksters, and other creative types!) You are hereby invited to submit your short porn films—five minutes max—for the HUMP! 2021 film festival (coming at you January 29 through March 6)! Your mini-movie can be hardcore, softcore, live action, stop action, animated, musical, kinky, vanilla, straight, gay, lez, bi, trans, and genderqueer. In fact, your film can be anything because everyone and everything is welcome at HUMP! (Except for poop, animals, and minors, of course.)

"But wait a second," you cry! "The pandemic ruins everything... didn't it ruin HUMP! as well?" OH HELL NO, IT DID NOT! While the pandemic may be keeping us out of the theaters, HUMP! has proven to be even more popular online. That's why we've decided to EXTEND THE DEADLINE for your hotsy-totsy HUMP! submission to FRIDAY, JANUARY 8.

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And relax: We go to insanely great lengths to protect your anonymity, and the filmmakers retain all rights. Plus, qualifying films will share a portion of all ticket revenue, AND could win brag-worthy awards as well!

Look, even if you're not a cinematic "arteest," making your short, five minute filthy flick for HUMP! is so much easier than you think. Get all the details you need on how to get started at, get your sexual motor running, and submit your brilliant, absolutely filthy mini-movie by FRIDAY, JANUARY 8. Good luck, sexy pants!