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Its a Christmas miracle: The Squad and Donald Trump agree on something!
It's a Christmas miracle: The Squad and Donald Trump agree on something! Zach Gibson / Getty News

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! On the eighth day of Christmas, my baby gave to me: A pair of Chloe shades and a diamond belly ring. LET'S GO TO PRESS:

• Landlords are gonna landlord: Even though the legislature provided some more-than-fair relief for them during Monday's one-day special session, landlords are now suing the state to get rid of the eviction ban. (Who do you think is less popular: landlords or chlamydia?)

• Gov. Brown announced yesterday that the state's teachers will be added to the list of high-priority essential workers, so they can get vaccinated sooner. In less positive news, the federal government is shorting Oregon AGAIN on our promised number of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine—though Pfizer has reportedly closed a deal with the White House to provide 200 million additional vaccinations.

• Today in NOT GOOD: Not only has a COVID outbreak infected more than 1900 inmates and killed 20 at one of Oregon's largest prisons, the power has been out at the facility for almost a week.

• For the essential workers in the grocery industry, 2020 has been a nightmare. Check out this first person description of what these workers have endured from an anonymous Fred Meyer employee.


• It's a Christmas miracle: Donald Trump and AOC agree on something! The president is threatening to veto Congress' long fought-over COVID relief package because he thinks that American's deserve $2000 stimulus checks rather than the fucking laughable $600 that Republicans think we should be grateful to get.

• Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is calling his bluff:

• Also hidden in the COVID relief package, lots of weird shit that doesn't belong in there and... oh, what's this? According to tax experts, a $200 billion giveaway to the rich. Well, that doesn't sound like Republicans at all!

• Among the 15 ridiculously corrupt pardons Trump issued yesterday (including those indicted by the Mueller Report) were four Blackwater contractors who were in prison for murdering more than a dozen Iraqi civilians during a 2007 massacre.

• The Justice Department is suing Walmart for its role in the country's opioid epidemic, by failing to properly scrutinize dicey prescriptions in order to make more $$$$.

• Well, this is odd: Trump's White House staffers received a memo saying they should start preparing to vacate their offices on January 4, but then got another email saying, "Ha-ha, JK! We're not going anywhere. Please continue making America great again, sexually harassing each other, and spreading COVID."

• The hilarious I, Anonymous Show is ending the year with a BANG with bonkers anonymous confessions and A-plus comedy from Sean Jordan, Bri Pruett, Adam Cayton-Holland, and your host Kate Murphy! Get them tickets, babies!

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• Now let's whip our skulls skyward for the WEATHER: Expect a glorious sunny day with a high of 48.

• And finally... I hope your holidays are as smooth as a perfect wrapping paper cut.