The Portland Book of Dates is out this week from Sasquatch Books.
The Portland Book of Dates is out this week from Sasquatch Books.

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As we near almost a year of quarantine, you'd be forgiven if you're running out of creative date ideas. The Portland Book of Dates, published last week with Sasquatch Books, may be able to help. Written by real-life couple Eden Dawn (an editor at Portland Monthly) and creative-about-town Ashod Simonian, the guidebook covers restaurants, getaways, hikes, shops, and over 155 other date ideas throughout Portland and Oregon at large, plus a few spots in Southern Washington.

Though it was written pre-COVID, many of their ideas are still social distancing-friendly or adaptable to takeout or outdoor dining. Plus, as the authors write, "Oregon will likely look different at the end of all of this, but it’s clear love and togetherness are here to stay and that is really what this book is about."

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To give you a taste of the Portland Book of Dates, we've picked out our favorite COVID-friendly date they recommend in each neighborhood below, but we definitely recommend buying the book for yourself—there are so many more places to explore (even during COVID!) than we could possibly fit here.

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