It is glorious. Blake is awesome there. For shame there is no sales tax in Oregon as I imagine there will be quite a flock of people going. I guess it can help boost a bit of hotels in the area as people come from Vancouver BC, and Seattle to shop. I assume some Norcal may come as well. With an LV to boot, just need a Chanel store outside of Nordstrom and Portland will be competing with some of the other larger markets. I think asking for Hermes is probably too much here.


Why would they put one in Portland? That seems crazy. When I think of Portland I think of anti-luxury products. I imagine a mob of people in blac block throwing things at people as they walk out of the store with their shopping bags. The mob screaming verbally abusive questions and statements at them. The mob holding signs asking how many homeless people could you have feed today? How long before every window is broken? Portland definitely seems like the last place to put a store.


*fed, not feed. Is there a way to delete or edit a post?


@time2talk, Have you ever gone into Pioneer Place before on a weekend? The LV consistently has a line. While much of Portland is "weird" and may seem anti-luxury, that is not the case for all people, and probably not the case for most of the clientele that can afford brand purchases anyhow. Consider the fact that much of the people living in downtown portland, the west hills, and probably beaverton are all pretty well off individuals.

Also, and I think this is key to what will be it's success, is no sales tax. When you are buying luxury items as such a cost, people will travel for that. We have people already traveling down from Canada to purchase at such stores. Sure there is one up in Bellavue, but there is also a 8% tax or whatever on that. So once people decide to come down to shop in portland because of no tax at other stores, gucci is there too.


@givemeafrigginbreak, yeah I'm not sure what this article was going for? Clearly there is a condescending tone of the author trying to paint the poor people without power, but that is not a class issue at all... People all over, including a lot of rich neighborhoods, had no power. It really is not a good picture to paint. I would say focusing more on the protests would have been better if they were trying the inequality point. But oh well, hope you have a chance to enjoy the store.


Yay class warfare!! Burn the rich. They're not people after all! After that we can start with others we don't like too!! People who dress too nice! You should be wearing all black! Die!!!!!

What did you want? A Dollar Store in Pioneer Square? Cant we have anything nice?


I appreciate beauty, and Gucci does look like an attractive store that will support jobs and the local economy. Their products are far too expensive for me, but I can still experience the store. I'd much rather have a healthy mix of retail of all types downtown than a city center devoid or any retail like most midsize US cities, e.g., Baltimore, St. Louis, Buffalo, etc.

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