Wow! These Mercury stories are great! They sure are, and... wait. A TALKING DOG?!?!
"Wow! These Mercury stories are great!" "They sure are, and... wait. A TALKING DOG?!?!" svetikd / Getty Images

Whooo! You're a BUSY BEE. Look, it's completely understandable that since you've been SO busy, you may have missed some of the great reporting and stories the Mercury churned out this week! So while you're lounging about this weekend, catch up on the knowledge you need by reading some of these A+++ Mercury articles! (PRO TIP: If you despise being "the last to know," then be one of the first to know by signing up for Mercury newsletters! All the latest stories shipped directly to your email's in-box... and then... YOUR HEAD.)

Illegal Camp Sweeps and Limited Shelter Space: East Multnomah County Grapples With a Growing Homelessness Crisis
An unhoused person called the police on an elected official for trashing occupied camps. The story shows the tensions at play in eastern Multnomah County that, despite a growing unhoused population, is lacking in services & awareness of needs.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

Homeowners of Color Disproportionately Burdened By Property Maintenance Fines, City Audit Finds
Portland’s complaint-driven system for property maintenance enforcement is disproportionately racking up fines for homeowners of color living in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods.

Saint Burrito: Pleasing Patrons of Divine Mexican Food
Review: Owner Tim Prigo reaches into his past to make some of the tastiest burritos and Mexican food in town.
Dalila Thomas Brent

Multnomah County Aims to Curb All-Time High Traffic Deaths Through Public Health Analysis
As yearly traffic fatalities continue to rise around the region, Multnomah County is launching a public health effort to analyze the root causes of crashes.


Former Goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc Named New Portland Thorns General Manager
In an apparent nod to players' demands, former goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc has been named the new general manager of the Portland Thorns.
Portland Thorns FC

Portland and Multnomah County Pledge Nearly $40 Million in Surplus Budget Dollars Toward Homeless Services
This unique investment will create the largest number of shelter beds the county has ever had available at one time—around 2,000 total.
Alex Zielinski

Amid National Union Struggle, Local Film Set Workers See Room for Change
Film & TV production almost ground to a halt in October, as IATSE, the union for set workers, was prepared to strike. That strike was avoided, but Oregon IATSE members are still sounding the alarm about unsafe working conditions.

Savage Love: Female Trouble
A not-very-nice person outs her ex-BF in an extremely rude (and homophobic) way. Unsurprisingly, Dan Savage has some thoughts about that in the latest edition of SAVAGE LOVE!
Joe Newton

“Don’t let them break you!”: A Q&A With Evanescence's Amy Lee and Halestorm's Lzzy Hale
"We began writing this album before the pandemic hit, and I feel like I lived three different lifetimes through that."
Read more in our Q&A with Evanescence's Amy Lee and Halestorm's Lzzy Hale, who kicked off their national tour in Portland this week.
Nick Fancher

Body Cams, Hiring Bonuses for Cops, and Other Police Programs Mayor Wheeler Wants in Fall Budget Package
Here are the public safety programs Mayor Wheeler has proposed putting $7.8 million in surplus city budget dollars toward this month—and a sizable amount is going to the police bureau.
Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

POP QUIZ PDX: Welcome to Portland's Funnest Quiz for November 4!
Activate... brain! It's time for another hilarious, puzzling POP QUIZ PDX, this week featuring trivia Qs about local scandals, weirdo Portland history, and a subjective question about which is the best defunct mall store EVARRRR!

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