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Tough Mudder Portland, August 13 + 14
Lock in your summer adventure, Portland. Join us for world famous obstacles over a 5K or 10K distance.

In case you haven’t noticed, Portland's going through some biiiiig changes right now. That’s why it’s terribly important for you to get your information from legitimate sources who put the community first. That’s the Mercury. Every day we cut through the BS, ask the ever-important question “why?”, and then deliver that critical information in an interesting (and sometimes very fun) way!

But here's the thing: Back in the before-times, advertisers provided the lion’s share of revenue that was needed to produce the stories you enjoyed. That’s not the case anymore. We now require support from our community. We simply can't provide the hard-hitting journalism and entertainment the Mercury offers on a daily basis through advertising dollars alone. What kind of stories are we talking about? Take a look at just some of the recent Mercury articles that have really moved the needle around town:

Portland's Crime Rate Isn't Impacted By Size of Police Force, Data Finds
Despite what the police and city's wealthy is telling you, the cops' own data shows that more officers doesn't necessarily mean crime rates will drop.

Portland and Multnomah County Pledge Nearly $40 Million in Surplus Budget Dollars Toward Homeless Services
A lot of money is about to be pumped into the fight against homelessness… but some of it will continue going toward practices that are cruel and simply don’t work.

If I Ever Run for Governor, Please Don’t Vote for Me
A hilarious (and pointed) opinion piece about former NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof’s unnecessary run for governor.

Zenith Energy Challenges Permit Denials, Will Continue Operating During Legal Battles
The Mercury is one of the only local media outlets covering this critical local environmental concern—here’s the latest.

You gotta admit, that’s some good stuff! And it’s the kind of stuff that centers the people and organizations who need it most, while giving you the unvarnished information you need to know what’s really happening in Portland. If you’re a person that believes good journalism keeps city leaders honest and their hearts in the right place, then there’s something you can do: Make a monthly (however small) contribution to the Portland Mercury.

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