A person walking across a snowy street
A Multnomah County resident died of hypothermia on Christmas Day. Motoya Nakamura / Multnomah County

One person has died due to Multnomah County’s ongoing cold snap, the county medical examiner announced Tuesday.

According to a county press release, the person died on Christmas Day due to hypothermia, or extreme cold. Temperatures reached a low of 35 degrees on December 25 in Portland according to the National Weather Service, and extreme weather shelters in the region didn’t open until 3 pm that day.

The person who died was housed but was found outside. It’s unclear where in the county the person died or what time of day they were found.

Nearly 800 people have stayed at the six warming shelters operated by the city and county since they opened four days ago, according to Willamette Week, which first reported the death. On Monday, the county relocated its East county shelter from the Sunrise Center to Reynolds High School to accommodate more people. Only three shelters—the Reynolds High School, Market Street, and Salvation Army Moore Street Gymnasium shelters—have available beds as of 4 pm Tuesday according to 2-1-1, the county’s information line.

As of midday Tuesday, no other hypothermia deaths were being investigated.

Extreme weather shelters will remain open as long as temperatures in the county are at or below 32 degrees for four hours or more. Multnomah County residents seeking shelter from the cold weather can call 2-1-1 to find a shelter with an available bed. Anyone interested in volunteering at a shelter can sign up on the Multnomah County website.