Dick Move One: Amazon gave away a self-published author's e-book for free by accident. They accidentally gave it away 6,116 times. Are they going to compensate the author for accidentally giving his book away for free? Probably not:

...Amazon refused to pay royalties on any of the copies it gave away for free. Crawford started a little social media campaign, his story started getting picked up and yesterday, almost a month after the saga began, a Kindle Direct Publishing rep called Crawford and told him that while he won’t be getting any money, Amazon will “research the entire chain of events and will get back to you in a day or two.”

Dick Move Two: Amazon Flow is a new app that allows you to scan any product barcode at a brick and mortar store and the app replies "with Amazon's price, reviews and 'multimedia content'." People have been doing this at bookstores for ages, but the fact that Amazon is now openly endorsing this kind of behavior—allowing customers to visit local businesses (businesses that, I might add, pay sales and other taxes into the local economy) and do their browsing there before buying the product online—is a different level of douchery. It's about as close as Amazon can legally come to stealing from small businesses, taking advantage of their high overhead by treating them as product showrooms without giving them a cent of subsidy.