LAST YEAR, the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) moved from their longtime home on SW Oak to new, high-ceilinged, 4,000-square-foot digs on SE Division. If the move seemed bittersweet at the time—it was hard to imagine the IPRC without its longtime neighbor/soul sister, Reading Frenzy—it has proven a boon to the IPRC, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

Under the steady stewardship of Executive Director Justin Hocking, the IPRC has come into its own as a community publishing center and vital piece of Portland's literary community. Membership is up 72 percent since 2011; the IPRC has secured grants to fund new computers and building renovations; they're currently raising funds on Kickstarter to create a 15th anniversary "Superzine" compilation (and to buy the building a new coat of paint); and they've stayed busy with a robust lineup of readings and community events including the discussion series Pub Night, and a quarterly mini-zine fest called AmaZine Day, in partnership with the Portland Zine Symposium. Their cheap-as-hell certificate program in fiction/nonfiction, comics, and poetry is currently accepting applications, and the center has managed to stay nimble and engaged with the demands of self-publishing in the internet era, offering workshops in graphic design and website building along with standbys like screenprinting and letterpress.

The IPRC's 15th birthday celebration on Saturday, June 15, promises a print sale, quinceañera-themed food from the Special Snowflake Supperclub, and a 15-foot-long cake decorated with a history of the IPRC. (Don't worry, special-needs kids, at least some segments of the cake will be vegan, Hocking says.) For extra-credit points, meet at Floating World Comics at 5:15 pm for "zine reading by bike" that will work its way up to the party.