Clinton is smart, politically savvy, and the best candidate we have to lead our nation.
Besides, it is high time for a woman President, especially a Democrat at that.
I had always pictured the first woman President to be a Republican, in the Margret Thatcher model, as it would be comforting to the Right that she was Tough enough, and Wise to Foriegn policy matters....
But fuck all that, I would be glad to be wrong and have the first woman President be a Democrat, certainly.
No Way! Hillary for prison 2016!
I'm guessing that everyone at the Merc office MUST BE for Bernie (or must be very quiet)...
Todd, I wonder if they are already re-evaluating their Sanders support, and trying to find a way to break it to their far left base readers.
Thus this blog....
Clinton is not really a viable candidate, too many people distrust her to the point that they won't vote for her. Nominating her is going to be a great path to president trump, cruz, or rubio...
My eyes rolled in the back of my head at "an old friend on Facebook says."
Hillary is like that hot girlfriend who you suspect is banging your buddy. But you just deny it to yourself because she's the best girlfriend you can get right now.
Can I just say that given how careless her prose is, I can't believe that Eileen Myles is much of a poet.
"Today he’s [Bernie Sanders] against funding Planned Parenthood."

Huh? Where did she get that?

"We are not going to allow the extreme right-wing to defund Planned Parenthood, we are going to expand it."


(I'm also wondering about the "gang rape" business, but not exactly something I can search for with this particular connection.)
If people thought obstructionism in congress was bad under Obama. It will be completely disastrous if Clinton gets the nomination/elected.

They may despise Obama, but the Republicans HATE Clinton with a passion. Doesn't anyone remember all of the attacks on her as first lady during the Clinton presidency?
Yeah, I certainly do.
But I still assert that Sanders cannot beat Trump, who is looking more and more likely the Republican candidate.
Besides, Clinton may feel the backlash as President, but do you think 'Socialist' Sanders will be given a free pass?

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