It only took two hours last night for the Rose Quarter development process to effectively narrow down the 96 ideas people submitted for how to reuse Memorial Coliseum to a slim top eight they are seriously considering. Memorial Coliseum roller coaster is looking like it'll get the boot, folks.

Public input and a straw vote of the stakeholder committee members showed something of a surprise: support for the the TrailBlazer's Jumptown proposal and Doug Obletz's Memorial Athletic and Recreation Center is neck and neck. Check out a crappy picture of the public input here.

Both proposals would rely on public and private dollars to get built. Obletz is setting up his idea for a massive public gym as the more ethical alternative to the Blazer's Jumptown, which would keep the Winterhawks in the Coliseum, but add more box seats, revamp the building and add some new amenities. It looks like the stakeholder committee is leaning heavily toward sending on both ideas to City Council, along with two or three other top contenders.