The Foursquare Gospel Church has big plans for its humble parking lot on the corner of SE 12th and Ankeny: They've applied for a permit to turn the lot into a a six-story, 132 unit senior housing development.

The "Foursquare Senior Living" building would put the 132 units above 7,200 square feet of ground floor retail space and a two-level parking garage. It would be six stories on the side facing Burnside, but step down to four stories on the Ankeny side. Still, in order to build the development, the church will have to get a special variance from the city, since the 65-foot building exceeds the neighborhood's height limit by 20 feet.

The building looks like a boring modern condo cookie-cutter, but I think the project sounds good. Dense housing for seniors right on transit lines and close to the central city? Yes! Turning an ugly parking lot into retail and housing? Hallelujah!

Here's a (not so great) rendering of the building from their application: