WOW. After six days of Portland Burger Week we are feeling... let's just say... slow. But we're so grateful to everyone who helped make this year's Burger Week the biggest, meatiest, most successful year yet!


Shout out to our restaurants and their kickass staff who worked SO hard to make this happen, and to our sponsors Widmer Brothers Brewing, Jim Beam, Small Town Brewery, and MINI of Portland!

And thank YOU Portland for eating and loving burgers as much as we do! Don't forget, you can still donate to the Oregon Food Bank here to help your neighbors in need after your week of much-needed burger therapy.

Catch up on all the action you missed here. And read some final reflections on the week after the jump.

And if you need a few more burger visuals:

brb running hundreds of miles and eating only salad until 2017. #PortlandBurgerWeek #πŸ”

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#portlandburgerweek is getting pretty wild πŸ”πŸ΄

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#pattywagon #burgerboy

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