Mac Daddy BUMB from Sunnys Diner
Mac Daddy BUMB from Sunny's Diner MEGAN NANNA

AT LAST. After an entire year of waiting—you’ve been so patient!—the Portland Mercury’s Burger Week is almost here!

From Monday August 7-Saturday August 12, at over 40 of Portland’s finest restaurants, you’ll find one-of-a-kind burgers that exist only for the Mercury’s Burger Week! And even better? Each of these wondrous creations will cost a mere $5!

Will this be one of the greatest weeks of your burger-eating life? Damn straight it will.
Thanks to the Mercury and our friends at New Seasons Market, Jim Beam, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Satchel, and and ReachNow, this will be a week long remembered.

Read on for the mouth-watering descriptions of 2017’s Burger Week offerings in SE Portland from Oaks Bottom, Rocky’s Sports and Spirits, Sunny’s, and Zoiglhaus Brewing Company.

Check out the full 2017 Burger Week map here.


Oaks Bottom Public House: Oregon Bounty Burger
Lots of people in this city like to talk about their Oregon authenticity these days, but Oaks Bottom Public House’s Burger Week offering can wipe the floor with the lot of them. Yes you’ve lived here for a decade—but are you slathered in hazelnut blue cheese spread? Well, the Oregon Bounty Burger is, and FYI, they’re “filberts,” not hazelnuts. Wow, you climbed Mount Hood? I don’t see you topping yourself in caramelized pears and fresh arugula! And come to think of it, you’re not even a delicious juicy beef patty! The Oregon Bounty Burger has you owned. Poser. 1621 SE Bybee Blvd; burger available Mon-Sat 11 am-11 pm


Rocky’s Sports & Spirits: The Balboa Burger
Like its cinematic namesake, the Balboa Burger from Rocky’s Sports & Spirits is a hot (and delicious) mess. You’ll think “Philly Cheese Steak” when you bite into this 100 percent all-natural ground chuck patty piled with marinated sliced steak, grilled onions and bell peppers, shredded lettuce, and smothered with Rocky’s creamy cheese sauce, garlic aioli, and their famous Coney sauce on a fresh pub bun. Truly, it’s a champion of burgers—but if you decide to accept the challenge, don’t forget to napkin up! It’s sloppy, hot, and not afraid to make a mess! (In other words, you’re perfect for one another.) 7610 SE 72nd; burger available Mon-Wed 2 pm-9:30 pm, Thurs-Sat noon-9:30 pm


Sunny’s Diner: Mac Daddy BUMB
BUMB stands for Big Ugly Messy Burger, but don’t let that stop you from diving in, because this classic American diner is promising a beautiful experience. Sunny’s is taking a half-pound all-beef patty and cooking it up good on its well-seasoned griddle before adding a healthy heap of cheesy bacon mac ‘n’ cheese. Like all their bread, the bun is made in-house, and it gets a lettuce, tomato and mayo treatment, along with a house-made bacon chutney. Don’t be dumb, get this BUMB. 9993 SE 82nd; burger available Mon-Thurs 7 am-4 pm, Fri-Sat 7 am-8 pm


Zoiglhaus Brewing Company: Schnitzel Burger
If there’s anybody in town who know the benefits of meat and beer, it’s the Zoiglhaus Brewing Company. They’re locally famous for mixing German tradition with hearty, mouth-watering pub food—and their Schnitzel Burger (built exclusively for Burger Week) is just another great example. Reminiscent of their haus-made pork schnitzel, Zoiglhaus breads and pan-fries their beef patty and then piles on the flavor with smoked gouda, fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion, before finishing this work of gastronomic art with beer-mustard aioli on a firm, fresh bun. Rich, decadent, and decidedly delicious, this is the guilty pleasure of your German dreams. 5716 SE 92nd; burger available Mon-Sat 11 am-10 pm

And don’t forget…

Be patient. Everyone loves Burger Week, which means there will be lines. It’s all part of the Burger Week experience—and if a burger sells out, you can always come back tomorrow.
Tip, and tip well. Feeding Portland’s burger-crazed hordes is tough, thankless work—so make sure to show your appreciation to the brave chefs, wait staff, and bartenders who make Burger Week happen!
Drink (and eat) up. While burgers are the integral part of Burger Week, all our Burger Week restaurants have other excellent offerings—drinks, sides, salads, and more! Humans cannot survive on burgers alone. (Trust us, we’ve tried. RIP, Ben.)
Be social. Hit, use #portlandburgerweek, and check out the Mercury’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, details, and reviews of the best Burger Week burgers—from this year’s most eagerly anticipated creations, to the unexpected ones that everyone will have to try.

Burger Week 2017 is almost here. Godspeed.