Gary Busey is the unsung hero of Point Break. All too frequently, when compared to the lethal charms of Bodhi and the pretty boy stylings of Johnny Utah, Busey's character—one Angelo Pappas, old, grumpy, probably insane—gets short shrift. AND YET. It's Pappas who has many of the best lines in the film; it's Pappas who helps Johnny Utah when no one else will; it's Pappas who reminds everyone how delicious meatball sandwiches can be; hell, it's Pappas who FIGURED OUT THE EX-PRESIDENTS WERE SURFERS. God bless you, Angelo Pappas.

Point Break, starring Gary Busey as Angelo Pappas, is playing this Friday in Hecklevision at the Hollywood Theatre, presented by the Mercury and featuring your text-message commentary popping up on the bottom of the screen! It's going to be great. AND I've got another pair of tickets to the show to give away! If you want 'em, email me before 4 pm today (Wednesday, May 23) and make sure the subject line of your email is "SEX WAX." If you like, you can write a single sentence or a beautiful haiku about why Angelo Pappas is the best character in the history of cinema! (Doing so may or may not help your chances of winning.) I'll pick a winner at 4 and email them to let them know they've won. Have at.

Hecklevision: Point Break! Fri May 25, 7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy). Tickets available here.