I know the above blog title looks like a bunch of very exciting and pleasing words jammed together willy-nilly. But, oh, the reality is so much better/worse than you can possibly imagine.


What I'm talking about is the new Oregon Humane Society interactive cat room, which combines the joys of their Kitty cam (kam?) with the tech of remote controlled robot toys. That's right, you can play with cats, remotely, via your browser. How awesome is that? It would be pretty awesome, except for a handful of un-awesome features:

1. You can only use the interface with Internet Explorer (FAIL)

2. The un-moderated chat included on the page is troll bait, and is equal parts creepy, scary, and depressing.

Still, though, OMG KITTEHZ!!!!1!!!1!! OMG ROBOTZ !!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!