• WANT!

People, chill the fuck out. I know, I know, it's Cat Friday and this cuddly pile of fur has the single greatest mustache to ever grace the face of man or feline. Even better, "Logan" is up for adoption. Take him home today, he'd be a perfect pal for your other cat (whose fur resembles a monocle and who enjoys riding along in your motorcycle sidecar).

Come to think of it, "Logan" is a pretty lousy name for such a dignified beast. Much in the tradition of Boat Cop, I think we need to use the Blogtown comment section to think of a snappy new moniker for this gorgeous creature.

I'll start:
Lord Purrcy McMeowerson
Sam Elliott: The Cat
Baron Von Catknipperbocker

Your turn.

h/t: Shawna Gore