This week's arts section includes the story behind the world's greatest cat painting, and that's not all! #Catwatch2016 continues with a new video from Portland's beloved cat rapper, Moshow. You know, this guy:

A cat fancier and Portland's secret weapon in the battle for cat supremacy over Seattle, Moshow here serenades his much-adored sphynx cats, and encourages all of us to love our animals, be ourselves, and follow our dreams—and, I can only assume, become better people. Behold:

The video appears to have been filmed at Ground Kontrol, and features Moshow's menagerie of buds climbing around on vintage arcade games, plus a shout-out to cat ladies and the city of Portland. So anyway, that exists. Also, if watching that video doesn't make you smile at least a little, I really don't know what to tell you.