The ur-Lisa Frank.
The ur-Lisa Frank. Carl Kahler/Portland Art Museum

Our petty rivalry with Seattle over cat dominance may be over (for now!) but Portland's love of cats is never out of style, so it's with glee that I remind you that there's a giant fucking cat painting up at the Portland Art Museum, and deliver the good news that there's still time to go see it!

We've been notified by PAM's own Ian Gillingham that Carl Kahler’s "My Wife’s Lovers," which was originally set to leave the museum last Sunday, will be sticking around until June 8.

In case you were distracted by some fun yarn or sleeping in a sunbeam, "My Wife's Lovers" has been dubbed "the World's Greatest Cat Painting," and the Mercury was permitted a rare interview with its elusive owner, collector John Mozart, back in January.

It remains one of my favorite interviews I've conducted in recent memory. Here is the best part:

Though you'd assume only a cat-loving art collector would buy what Cat Magazine once called "the world's greatest painting of cats," Mozart isn't a cat person, despite his initial joke. And he doesn't really consider himself an art collector, either ("I don't understand modern art," he says). He's collected cars for 35 years, and doesn't own any cats.

But his mother loved cats ("particularly those big white cats with a lot of fur"), and he bought her a reproduction of Kahler's painting 20 years ago. "She had it in her living room until the day she died," he says.

Well, better tell your mom to clear her schedule for Caturday!