Sometimes you don’t want to vaporize. You just want a joint, the OG analog method of cannabis consumption. Carrying around papers and weed in your pocket is fine, but a flat, stable joint-rolling surface isn’t always readily available when you’re on the go.

I’ve found a stylish, practical, and beautiful solution, and it’s handmade made right here in Oregon.

Princewoodart is the Etsy store of Paul N. Prince, who for 38 years has specialized in working with exotic hardwoods such as figured walnut, quilted maple, curly purple heart, eucalyptus, curly koa, and mango. He selects them for their “fantastic colors and grain figure, causing them to reflect and refract light in unusual and rhythmic ways.” That isn’t marketing lingo, either—my Pocket Stash Box has an unearthly glow even in low light. In full sun, it reflects like a light show.

Princewoodart’s Pocket Stash Box measures in at 4.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and a mere seven-eighths of an inch high, which means it slips into a trouser or jacket pocket with ease, and is solid but surprisingly lightweight. The full removable top is held on by magnets, strong enough to keep it from being dislodged even when hiking.


The interior has been polished to a glass-smooth finish, and includes a rolling-paper-sized and -shaped tool for scooping. The tool also served as a great makeshift rosin-spreading tool for your supercharged joints. The box holds a pack of Elements rolling papers, several joints, and a fat eighth. If I filled it up solely with joints, 10 would fit nicely.

Everyone who saw my Pocket Stash Box asked about it, and understandably so. This is an artisan-grade craft container to transport my craft cannabis. Prince also produces other boxes of different sizes, as well as housewares, jewelry, and money clips. I’d highly recommend his work as a gift for others, or yourself.