"has angrily quibbled with any suggestions that she's not politically connected"

Did you mean "that she's politically connected"?
Hasn't this woman filed for recall enough times to be an expert at it by now?
What the heck does "angrily quibbled" mean? and yes I am very politically connected and I am not a passive aggressive white Portlander that thinks she is all p.c. and never does crap for anybody but my hipster d.i.y. friends.

I helped organize the union at Powell's Bookstore (ILWU Local 5), I was a 2 term PTA President at Boise Eliot Neighborhood School. Senior/Youth Liaison for Boise Neighborhood Association, and I served on multiple committees for the PSU President's Office of Diversity and Equity. Also Lew Frederick (a friend of mine) gave me 2 bucks at the Obama Rally (which I got in VIP style with no ticket). So suck it Mercury. Everyone clowns you anyways...but if you are interested in a real news story please feel free to contact me at waw8577 at gmail dot com.
the merc just got served.
And all this got started cuz I got racially profiled and intimidated by the Portland Police in my neighborhood as bystander, then I got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and did some crazy stuff, but I gotz no regrets.

At this particular moment I am:

1. Laid off from the Department of Anthropology at Portland State University (but there is an Affirmative Action Inquiry into my dismissal)
2. Criminally trespassed from PSU (but the Chief of Campus Safety knows what time it is and suggested I preach in the park blocks)
3. Homeless (but staying with dear friends)
4. Escaping a lifetime of domestic violence (and my parents just don't understand)
5. Temporarily lost custody of my baby boy to my piece of work baby daddy who is the webmaster for Powell's Books (and was also a scab when his pregnant babymama was on the picket line)

You dudes in the media need to wake up and smell a good story before it bites you.
You also gotz no recall. But at least you have your political connections. And what's the story? I'm not sure this "recall" merited two blog posts. Nope, don't smell anything here.
The story is that when this little white girl started talking abt institutionalized oppression in Portland my whole world blew up.
"The story is that when this little white girl started talking abt institutionalized oppression in Portland my whole world blew up."

And how, exactly, does Sam Adams (and/or Beau Breedlove) factor in to the above statement?
So all these bad things that have happened, are Sam Adams' fault? I don't get it. You're as white and priviledged as the passive aggressive white Portlanders you bash, but you're also oppressed? You offend me when you talk about your oppression because it's all in yor head. You don't know oppression, especially as a white princess. Your sense of priviledge tells you that you don't have to be accountable or pay rent, or hold a job, but guess what, most people (adults) do have to hold a job and pay rent.

Wendy, all of the bad things that have happened are as a result of the choices you've made. Your baby daddy? You CHOSE him!

Being trepassed and subsequently arrested at PSU? You CHOSE to go off on the wrong folks! The vey people that employed you!

Homeless? Well, don't rent a high falutin' penthouse condo on Mississippi Avenue and then fail to pay the rent for 3 months!

Domestic Violence - you only hurt yourself when you tell stories. You are not and have not been abused. You abuse yourself! Anyone who is sloppy drunk on Mississippi Ave every night is only hurting herself. Grow up!!!!
Wendy Ann Wright:

Oppressed African American Woman:…


The best thing you can do right now is to seek professional psychiatric help with what's eating at you and then, slowly, the rest of your life will come back together.

Forget about the city, city hall, its mayor and start focusing on what you can do for yourself. And stop getting loaded all the time.

Getting loaded only makes things worse.

I'm not trying to be hurtful or spiteful. But by not taking ownership or responsibility for your own actions, you are allowing a deep-seeded mental issue get in the way of your life and you are going to wind up homeless for reals, continuing to blame all these invisible forces for creating your situation.

It seems to me that the Merc is only interested in you because you made a fuss at City Hall. Nothing else. They're not trying to suppress your story, nor would I venture to assume they're acting at the command of some vast conspiracy by the city (or whoever's oppressing you this week).

I mean, really.

Pick your battles, pick your foes. The only real foe for you right now is you.

Good luck and Godspeed in your recovery.
The Portland Mercury covers snarky stories and rarely breaks any big news since Amy Ruiz left. Sarah Mirk's stories are trite and her history zines are even more tired than that. I thought Denis the news reporter would be cool since I know his bro, but alas his investigative reporting is lazy.

Amy Ruiz was the best thing that ever happened for the credibility of yr rag. Her city hall reports were awesome. Anyways I am done with this boring conversation of comments.

Go to city hall, get involved, and stop flaming a total stranger.
But you never answered my question.
Wendy, I agree with MKUltraPDX, you should start focusing on what you can do for yourself, and get away from blaming the mayor, the anthropology department at PSU, and the "oppression" that you're experiencing, and move on towards better, more stable mental health. Being the victim isn't helping, and taking no personal responsibility for the choices you've made and continue to make are NOT positive steps. At some point the media will stop paying attention, the political friends will stop paying attention, and then it will be you on your own as a result. If I were you, and I'm glad I'm not, I would focus on being good to myself, trying to regain custody or at least visitation with my kid, and step up and be a positive force in the community like apparently you used to be.
Blownspeakers: Sam Adams factors in because I gave him hundreds of volunteer hours and single handedly organized family outreach activities for his mayoral run because Jennifer Yokum, his campaign manager didn't really consider families that much...and then when I reached out to him for advice about how to handle my encounters with the Portland Police he couldn't have the decency to call me back. The mayor of Vancouver told me to not feel too bad though because Sam doesn't call him back either.

Sam has not been very accountable to disadvantaged people in Portland, he let the media make Beau look like a fool, he loves his celebrity status as mayor, but doesn't exactly live up to his obligations as a public servant.

Then you've got the Portland Mercury that covers the most bogus stuff. If I read one more article about bicycle advocacy by Sarah Mirk I'm gonna barf. My son and I have ridden our bikes almost exclusively for 9 years, but c'mon enuf already. How about some investigative reporting instead of another play by play of the zine symposium.

And another thing, with all the queer power we have in this town, can we please align ourselves with more marginalized communities? I'm so sick of my fellow queer friends that just drag it up and party all day. Fer realz is sucking cocktails and face all yr gonna do with yr life?

Hopefully that answers yr question blownspeakers. Best, Wendy Ann
And I am already getting professional help for my PTSD, have a court date to get custody of my son back, and am functioning at a very high life considering all I have been through. I'm not blaming anybody for happened to me and I also have no regrets.

You try losing yr job because you speak out against institutionalized oppression and also escape a domestic violence situation only to have yr white feminist lady ally besties turn on you, including Emily Persico (volunteer for the Portland Women's Crisis Line) and Aimee Shattuck (former director of PSU's Women's Resource Center).
This must be much, much more serious that PTSD. I mean the idea that you're being oppressed sounds downright paranoid schiz. If you'll remember, you're not part of an oppressed community, you're wn educated white woman living in Portland, the best city in the country to be white!
Woah. Yr a mess sabrosaone. In case you didn't get the memo, women in this country aren't very liberated at all. And yes I am educated, but I am still homeless and low-income. I also have over 50,000 dollars in education debt. Oppression comes in many forms dude.
So...Sam Adams should be recalled because he didn't return your call?
blownspeakers: Don't be a dolt. Many people, including myself, believe the mayor has not been very accountable in his no, not just because he didn't call me back. Look, Sam is actually a really decent guy. His boyfriend Peter is even nicer. Sam does seem to have a self destructive streak though and many people who have worked for him have agreed with me on this.

In my opinion, he also has not reached out enough to communities of color and other marginalized groups (aka poor people). Sam is an incredible fundraiser, which is a good thing for Portland, but where is the equity?

Then for the most part, Portland media bows down to Mayor Adams. I admit when the first recall happened, I stood by Sam's side. Storm Large even performed "Stand by your Sam" at a rally, which I took my kid to. I also rode my tandem bike with my son in the Pride Parade with the mayor's crew when many in the queer community were still very upset with him and shouted obscenities as we rode by.

I supported Sam's political career in many different ways and while I don't necessarily want his political career to be over, I would appreciate some amends and reparations.
"Sam is actually a really decent guy."

"...while I don't necessarily want his political career to be over, I would appreciate some amends and reparations."

Are you saying that the recall action on your part is just personal?

Isn't that kind of "passive aggressive white Portlander" of you?
OMFG. No it is not just personal. That's the point dude...and just because I say someone is a decent guy and I don't want his political career to be totally over does not mean that I don't have some serious complaints about his actions as mayor. Shit be complicated.

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