Wear that crown with pride!
  • Wear that crown with pride!
Max Bauske remains the funniest candidate for mayor (intentionally funny, I should note). And now, apparently, there's no reason to hold the election this spring.

Because in an email Friday night, Bauske announced a thunderous, and surprising, victory: Because he bothered to check in 34 times in 60 days at Portland City Hall, he was declared "mayor" of the place by the useless and annoying social networking site foursquare.com.

"This is an exciting step for the campaign," Bauske said in a statement. "It took a lot of hard work and perseverance, but this is a small example of what can be accomplished with a bit of determination, a bus pass and an Android phone."

And, for good measure, Bauske kept on pelting the other Max in the race, Max Brumm, with rhetorical rotten eggs.

"I think this is a signal that my campaign is rolling into 2012 with a full head of steam," said Bauske. "One of my opponents is running as 'Max 4 Mayor,' but I'm now 'Max the Mayor.'"