Reminds me. Time to go grab some lunch from King Burrito.
I would like to donate some Depends diapers
@2: stjohnsrules doesn't need your charity!
Gayser needs a diaper. For his head. For all the shit that comes out his mouth.
Do your parents know you're using their computer like this?
OKAY, SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU. Don't make me turn this thread around.
Eileen Brady didn't embrace Cameron because her campaign thought it was good politics; you weren't there, and you don't know shit about that. she did it because she's a good person, she admires Cameron's spirit, and because Hales & Smith made a practice of looking down on the outsider candidates. Eileen, and her campaign (of which i was part, both as part-time staff & volunteer), embraced not only Cameron but became friends with Bill Dant. Eileen actually cares about Cameron; that's why she visited with him.
Well of course Mr. St Johns wouldn't have anything positive to say, especially since Cameron is Black 'n all. But at least Cameron is doing something POSITIVE, and clearly he gives a damn!

My hat's off to him.
Steve, you should've let 'em fight it out, they were like two dying pigeons fighting over a shriveled kosher dill, thinking it was a sausage.
"Hales & Smith made a practice of looking down on the outsider candidates"

Todd, please shut up.
Hell at least Todd brings comedy into the mix. Stay golden, PonyBoy. And just for clarification, Duhmosa prefers shriveled dill sausage from the Pride Festival.
The "other" Todd, St. John... Eileen's un-funny energizer bunny, Todd Barnhart.

P.S. I see what you did there, Merc, on your Enemies List. AARP!
Out of curiosity I still want to know if this is a genuine attempt to help others, or to garner publicity. Pardon my crude question but it is the elephant in the room.
It is a genuine attempt to gain publicity to the issues. I've been part of the sleep action and vigil for housing justice for 4 1/2 months every other night. These homeless people, or unhoused people if home is where the heart is, and the housed people in solidarity with them, are on a sidewalk instead of soft ground because we need the public to have this problem in their minds as expectation of their leaders to solve. The number of homeless families increased 30% in 2011 during this 7th year of the *renewed* 10 yr plan to end this epidemic. I have a channel on ustream called "vigil-tv" if you'd like to see interviews of individuals, housed and unhoused, on the causes and effects of this problem. In 20 days, Cameron has brought more press to a problem and these specific solutions than hundreds of people have in our action for the 6 1/2 months we've been making more sacrifices than you could possibly know. Press means awareness, which has brought people down to see him, and to us who are ready to work on this just like Occupy did at the camp across the street. And when people get together to talk solutions, in front of City Hall, it has the natural effect of the public voicing their expectation of leaders. Right2DreamToo should be praised for being a self-funded solution to communities in danger and a model for the city that has failed us. Evictions do not need to be enforced as a priority for the police - the moratorium gives homeowners a chance to get lawyers who investigate illegal greedy mortgage shuffles by lenders which is why evictions of entire families to the streets are so rampant, and a levy for the city for different levels of "down-and-out" to help stop the immediate change of status from financial distress to this life-threatening condition (you don't see or hear news on the death caused by homelessness but put two and two together) is a better use of money than that many opulent aesthetic, wasteful, stupid and probably shady projects our taxes pay for now. So come down to city hall and talk to him, and us, and on odd nights late be live on vigil-tv as you do- and join us in voicing our expectations. Our point in sleeping there is that city hall's endless harassment of homeless people pushing them into dark dangerous corners for the portland business alliance's comfort is resulting in them forgetting about the people this incompetence and greed causes. Remember that politicians Require public priorities to be focused before putting time and money into solving problems. We're helping their office do the right thing by getting your attention, education, and compassion. And Cameron is doing something difficult and potentially risky to get that. Please come talk. We often have free fair-trade coffee and he has a lot of knowledge to share and good communication skills including listening to you.
@Marynichols1. tl;dr

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